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“Patriotic Millionaire’ Takes ‘Cash Bucket Challenge’ to Show Benefit of Trump Tax “Reform”.

Patriotic Millionaire Eric Schoenberg, who is currently Chairman of CampusWorks, Inc., a provider of technology leadership services to universities and colleges, but who once  served as a foreign service officer for the State Department, chose a unique way of illustrating just how much the Trump/Republican tax scam benefited him personally… and challenged the tax-cheat-in-chief to do the same…. The only problem with your challenge Eric, as I see it, is that even if drumpf were inclined to accept, which we can be sure he isn’t, is that it is possible all of the cash he is currently ripping off from us taxpayers could be currently siphoned off to pay the vig on his loans from Russian oligarchs and a certain disreputable German bank… And the biggest beneficiaries of the tax scam — Wells Fargo, the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson et al — would require not a bucket, but a dump truck, at least, to unload Benjamins on them to illustrate the tax scam’s largess — which would likely smother them to death or bury them prematurely. Perhaps they could take The Bank Statement Challenge instead.   Please follow me on Twitter @durrati  

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