Boom. GSA chief Emily Murphy finally signs off on initiating formal transition process

The head of the General Services Administration on Monday finally informed the Biden Administration she had greenlit the formal transition process, signing off on a letter she has been...

BREAKING: The Wait Is Over! Trump And Emily Murphy Fold.

This is breaking as we speak. NBC News just reported that President elect Joe Biden has finally received a phone call from the General Services Administration, advising him formally that the letter of ascertainment was just signed, and that his transition can begin, with all assistance, services, and privileges normally given during a transition. Trump, […]

Trump’s GSA Henchwoman Looking For New Job Herself While Continuing To Block Biden Transition

This is the ugliest transition in history, because all parties involved know that Joe Biden won and that there is no reason to block the transition. Nevertheless, blocked it remains, out of pure cussedness. Their cover story is that Donald Trump actually won the election and there will be no transition. So why is Emily […]

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Not a Rerun, Just Yet Another Week of Republican Insanity Gettin’ Folks Killed

Like a lot of folks, I think it’s a shame public schools don’t teach kids essential shit like paying...
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One story triggered an eye roll so strong I almost fell over backwards

Just because I omitted political news in this report doesn’t mean all the news is upbeat. We still have drought, crime,...

Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Smuggling ivermectin into a hospital full of 'crisis actors'

Facebook is a menace. COVID-19 is a menace. Conservatism is a cesspool. Together, those three ingredients have created a...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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