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If You’re Ready to Give Up on the World, Read About These Elephants, Reaffirm Hope

As we sit and watch how an entire nation’s foreign policy was reconstructed to serve the political purposes of one man, it is easy to lose hope. For that reason, I suspect it is a good idea to take a break, for just a moment, and take-in a jaw dropping act of love, perpetrated by a better species, elephants. I intend to get to the bottom of what happened here and will continue to research this matter, but at this point, I am just stunned by what I am reading. I am certain there is some embellishment, but wow: A herd of elephants marched 12 hours to the house of Lawrence Anthony after he died – the man who saved them. They stayed there silent for two days. Exactly one year after his death, to the day, the herd marched to his house again. It is something that science cannot explain. pic.twitter.com/xWJXJW3vJw — Jordan Coombe (@Jordan_Coombe) November 18, 2019 Science cannot explain it because science will not look into anything that isn’t pure reductionism, unfeeling, devoid of spirit, molecule to molecule. If an endeavor rejects spirit and love, how can that discipline understand what these elephants did? I am a scientists, trained biologist, and yet science has a blindside, that is certain. I cannot understand it, but I am going to look into it more closely, because I desperately want to know all that I can about this. More information: This incident of 2012 was narrated by his wife Francoise Malby Anthony in her book https://t.co/N9GAnFleBC pic.twitter.com/gs341rGIBu — Mohammed Zubair (@zoo_bear) November 19, 2019 And more information here. And some more information with respect to a sanctuary in Tennessee. There is an amazing elephant rescue in Tennessee. I dare you not to cry when you see this piece. It’s been around awhile but gets to me every time. https://t.co/rIcgiKL0OI — BABB (@Stumpycat1145) November 19, 2019 For some reason, I thought we could all use a break to contemplate something “bigger” (ha) and better than ourselves. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

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