Fox News Poll Shows Trump Losing Plus Not Believed To Be As Mentally Sound As Biden — Fox Interview Part III

Trump’s Fox News fiasco has set the internet ablaze with giggles. The particular portion which has led to derision is his insistence on how “hard” a cognitive test is. Trump said to Chris Wallace, “Yes, the first few questions are easy, but I’ll bet you couldn’t answer the last five questions.” "I took the [cognitive] test too, when I heard you passed it. It's not the hardest test. It shows a picture and it says, 'what's that,' and it's an elephant." — Chris Wallace pushes back on Trump hyping the cognitive test he passed at Walter Reed pic.twitter.com/8Df8Ez10Ma — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 19, 2020 Wow, the incumbent Republican president can identify his party’s mascot — and boasts about doing so. And then goes on to brag about what an achievement passing a cognitive test was. Stifle your laughter and join me in a moment of silence as we reflect upon the awe and wonder of these statements. And it isn’t just me. Like the Toyota commercial, Trump asked for it, he got it. Could you pass cognitive test Trump took? Now’s your chance. pic.twitter.com/8DqGSr9irV — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) July 19, 2020 Now here are the elements of this challenging test: . Memorizing a short list of words, identifying an animal, copying a drawing. . Naming the current date, counting backwards and identifying common objects like a pencil or a watch. . Recalling a three word list of objects and drawing a clock. Your father brags about passing his cognitive tests, but found the last five questions "very hard". Did he have trouble decided which was the elephant and which was the donkey? pic.twitter.com/pzwOEWSYiW — Angela – #BlackLivesMatter ????????????????????️‍???????????????????? (@crowarrowinc) July 19, 2020 The pitiful part of Trump claiming the test is hard, is that Trump truly believes the test is hard. What’s more, his followers are going to willfully dumb themselves down to his level to make it feel true. It’s like Militant Denial. They’ve weaponized vapidity into an asset. — Mick Dougherty (@mickorama) July 19, 2020 Note that the last 6 questions on that very test are about one's orientation: What is today's : 1–date2–month2–year3–day 4–place (i.e., where are you?)5–city (i.e, what city is this?) pic.twitter.com/YAUY9ElD2x — Little Black Dress just tryin' to stay alive in FL (@LittleBlkDres) July 19, 2020 Now my bet is that Trump cheats on this test and/or pays somebody to take it for him. We now have an answer to what Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump get paid $15K a month by Brad Parscale for. They text Trump the answers to these “hard” questions, i.e., where he is, what date it is, I was wondering how they earned big bucks, now we know. You knew he couldn’t pass a sanity test without coaching from the sidelines, right? This is as good a theory and a testament to that proposition as anything else. My mom lived in a nursing home before her death after suffering a couple strokes. She was given this test regularly during neurological appointments. The nurses always praised her performance no matter how she did. You are not given this test for no reason. — Bob Panella (@bp_pack) July 19, 2020 Before we go, here’s the latest Fox News poll, and Trump’s denial. "First of all, I'm not losing. Because […]

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