As Democrats, We Need to Exercise Extreme Caution in 2020

Let me just put this right out there. My dream candidate is Elizabeth Warren. I am absolutely convinced she would make the best president. She has the deep raw intelligence the presidency requires, she has the experience, she has an ability to motivate people and – in my mind – the best platform, using a ton of billionaire tax money to pay for one hell of a lot of things. I yearn for a woman president, and I want Elizabeth Warren as that president. But I might not vote for her in the primary. Nor am I going to endorse a candidate here through the primary. I have found website endorsements to be divisive (I think we all know the site and issue I’m referencing). In our rapidly growing community, divisiveness is terribly dangerous. We learned a horribly damaging lesson last time and I’m doing my best to learn from it. So you will never see me endorse a candidate or tell you that your thoughts on anyone are “wrong,” or that mine are “right.” I do want us all – because this column is partly about me reminding myself – that no Democratic policy matters at all in the face of possibly losing to Donald Trump. Not only do we lose on policy with Trump, not only do we lose in having a raving dictator in the White House with Trump, we might well lose our nation, because Trump is not running this administration with Americans as a first principle. He thinks of himself first, his friends (mostly international) second, and his base third. The nation never enters the equation. Add to this the fact that it is near impossible for a president to push through an entire policy agenda, and it becomes increasingly obvious that I, and we, need to exercise extreme caution in our decision. In my opinion, we must guard against being overly enthusiastic about what we may see as a “perfect candidate” from our policy point of view. Over at our beloved orange alma mater, we often hear that a moderate Democrat decreases turnout among Democrats and is thus self-defeating. Only a true progressive “excites the base” and thus gives us the best chance to win. I would love for this to be true. But I have yet to see any proof at all of the principle. If you have stats or data, please send it along because I am looking for a reason to vote my ideals. But absent some sort of data, it sure sounds like an argument made by people looking to justify a pre-determined decision and looking down upon “moderates” as dangerous. There is a reason that Donald Trump so obviously fears Joe Biden. Biden is a good man who has been in public life for forty years, with the stupid gaffes, indefensible positions and major flaws to show for it. But Biden has also always been true to his blue collar roots, and is the most likely to threaten the mid-west belt that carried Trump to victory. Biden has a firm grip on the black vote which is no small consideration. He is also the candidate least likely to scare the horses, “safe” for Republicans and independents. Having said that, Democrats win when they pick a younger outsider, not a […]

The 2020 Democratic polls, through a different prism.

You know, when you observe something for a long time, whether professionally, or out of perverse personal pleasure, after a while you start to get a kind of a deel for the object of your attention, a normal flow that tends to occur. In presidential political campaigns, there is normally an almost formal dance, a kind […]

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