Will You Believe Me Now?

Time for a quick trip in the wayback machine. Only this time, we’re using the really close machine, since we’re only going back two years. Because it was only slightly more than two years ago when I wrote, in fairly short order, two articles that caused quite the scene. In fact, they got me called […]

Virginia Journalist Slams ‘Reality Bending’ Fundraising Mailer Sent By Trump/RNC Completely Ignoring COVID-19

Donald Trump loves fan mail. He has instructed both his relatives and his staffers to bring paeans of praise to his attention. Sarah Huckabee Sanders once read a letter from a nine- year-old named Pickles about how the kid loved his red hat. Eric recently retweeted an eight-year-old’s assessment of the American flag, the ocean and Trump. (He likes them all.) I wonder if the handwritten missive which is on it’s way from journalist Dan Casey of the Roanoke, Virginia Times will warm the cockles of Trump’s heart? Somehow I think not. Casey received a mass mailed letter Friday from the Republican National Committee. It solicited a donation and enclosed a 15 question survey, which began with a comment by Trump, “I believe the state of the nation is great.” The survey went on to talk about tax reform, the wall on the southern border, judges, “radical Liberal policies” and of course requested an opinion on these things. Now here is what blew Casey’s mind: Nowhere was there one word about coronavirus, COVID-19, millions infected, over 70,000 dead, lockdown — none of it. Not a single word. Nada. Zip. Rien de tout. Here’s what Casey thought about that. Roanoke Times: Under the circumstances, it’s kind of extraordinary none of those would rate a mention in a state-of-the-nation survey, eh? That’s akin to an Easter Sunday sermon in which the preacher ignores the Resurrection. Or a book report on the Titanic that doesn’t note its maiden voyage outcome. Try to imagine a news account of Ted Bundy that excludes the term “serial killer.” Or a college history paper on President Richard Nixon that omits he resigned in disgrace, to avoid being impeached by the House of Representatives. Like Trump already has been. Feast your mind on the implications of those omissions, because they tell us something: Somebody actually thought those questions and Trump’s letter were bright ideas. Monday, I called the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C., to find out more. Among other things, I was curious who approved that reality bending mailer. They must have the IQ of a turnip. Or the IQ of a Trump, which is more or less the same thing. The story goes on to describe how Casey got bopped all around the answering machine system, no one is available to take your call, the usual. Interesting how the entire RNC is unreachable, even by phone, in an era where the only way to get hold of most officials and businesses is by phone or internet, because nobody is going into the office. Casey elaborated more on this epistle from the RNC. Here’s No. 10: “Do you believe our nation’s economy is on the right track to grow and create more jobs because of the Trump Administration’s reductions to regulation and red tape?” If your answer’s “No,” join the club. Our unemployment rate’s approaching 15%. When Barack Obama left office in 2017 it was 4.8%. That’s the wrong track. Question No. 15 lists nine issues of importance and asks respondents to choose three priorities. Although there’s a blank for “other” at the end, “pandemic recovery” isn’t among the listed options. “Repeal and replace ObamaCare” is, however. Meanwhile, on page two of his letter, Trump writes: “I’m proud to say: We are WINNING … big time.” (I didn’t add […]

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