Trump’s Nominee For Ambassador to the Bahamas Was Prepared To Buy The Position, per CBS News Expose

Trumpworld is nothing more and nothing less than the biggest assembly of grifters ever to draw breath, all together at one time for the purpose of raiding the public coffers and undermining our institutions. CBS News has learned that Doug “Papa Doug” Manchester, who was Trump’s nominee to be ambassador to the Bahamas was involved in what sounds like a pay-to-play scheme with RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. CBS News: A Trump supporter, Manchester donated $1 million to Trump’s inauguration fund. He was offered the Bahamas post the day after Mr. Trump was sworn in. Manchester said Trump told him, “I should probably be the ambassador to the Bahamas and you should be president.” Then, for two and a half years, Manchester’s nomination stalled in the Senate. His Bahamas relief trip caught the attention of the President. Trump tweeted, “I would also like to thank ‘Papa’ Doug Manchester, hopefully the next Ambassador to the Bahamas, for the incredible amount of time, money and passion he has spent on helping to bring safety to the Bahamas.” Three days after the tweet, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel hit up Manchester for a donation. It was no small sum. In an email, obtained exclusively by CBS News, she asked Manchester, “Would you consider putting together $500,000 worth of contributions from your family to ensure we hit our ambitious fundraising goal?” “Did you feel like they were putting the arm on you?” Axelrod asked. “No, I didn’t. That’s part of politics. It’s unbelievable. You give and you give and you give and you give some more and more and more,” Manchester said. Some people give and they give and they get ambassadorships. Ask Gordon Sondland how this is done. His ambassadorship cost $1 Million, which he paid to Trump’s inauguration fund. Interestingly, Bob Corker didn’t have much stomach for developments in Manchester’s case. Former Senator Bob Corker, who was the chair of the Senate’s foreign relations committee before he retired in January, held up Manchester’s nomination. “We had concerns about judgment, about demeanor, about just the whole reason for taking the job,” Corker said. He found McDaniel’s fundraising pitch problematic. “The timing of that request obviously was not appropriate,” he said. Even worse, he said, was Manchester’s response. His big mistake was copying staffers of two senators who controlled his nomination, Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Idaho’s Jim Risch,  alerting them to his willingness to donate more after confirmation. “I can only tell you that if I received an email like that, there would have been a five-bell alarm that went off,” Corker said. It’s a positive thing that Corker held up Manchester’s nomination and voiced these concerns. However, Corker was one of the early Republican retirees in the Trump era. It begs the question whether the Republicans who are left or the new ones who will run, are going to show the same level of integrity. I think not. One side effect of the advent of Trump has been the resignation of Republicans that could be deemed more reasonable than the others and the ascent of the Jim Jordans and Devin Nunes into the GOP limelight. This, unfortunately, is a trend that will continue as the GOP, already a completely rotted vessel, else it wouldn’t have spawned Trump, continues on it’s erratic and capricious course, where the […]

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