Mulvaney again fails to walk back his quid pro quo confession and makes Doral debacle worse

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is not good at this whole pretending-Donald-Trump-didn’t-crime thing. Mulvaney went to the friendliest Sunday talk show...

Mulvaney on Trump’s G7 faceplant: ‘He still considers himself to be in the hospitality business’

So Donald Trump — very loudly — proclaimed last night that next year’s G7 summit won’t be at his Doral resort after all, because...

Is this the real reason Trump changed his mind on hosting the G-7 at his property?

Just wondering what was the real reason behind the HuffPost front-page story "Caving To Pressure, Trump Cans Plans To Hold G-7 At Trump Doral" and I came...

Mulvaney Announces 2020 G-7 Summit Will Be Held At Trump Doral

You may recall Donald Trump’s infomercial at this year’s G-7 about how next year’s G-7, slated to be held in the United States, should be held at his Doral facility, because it’s so much better than the impliedly tacky location of the 2019 summit. Well, consider it done. Mick Mulvaney announced the G-7 will take place June 10-12 at Trump Doral, during a White House press briefing this morning. The Hill: The decision is certain to spark challenges from Democrats and ethics watchdog groups who will argue that the president is seeking to enrich his family’s brand by bringing world leaders to a Trump property. Critics argued earlier this year that the selection would be a clear violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits presidents from accepting payments from foreign countries, U.S. states or the federal government. Trump first signaled in the closing days of this year’s G-7 summit in France that his Doral resort was the front-runner to host next year’s gathering of world leaders. He boasted during his press conference in Biarritz about the property’s accommodations and proximity to Miami. Wouldn’t it be amusing if the G-7 went forward at Trump Doral without Trump in attendance, because he had been removed as POTUS?

Ex Secret Service Officials Say Trump Property NOT “Easier to Secure”

The Trump administration often states that his properties are “easier to secure” as justification for his never-ending visits to Trump resorts. As an example from just this week, VP Pence justified staying at Trump’s hotel in Ireland on the grounds that “it makes the Secret Service’s job easier.” Yeah, sure. More? Trump said that next year’s G7 meeting should be held at his Doral club, in part, because the property would be easier to secure. “They came back and they said, ‘This is where we would like to be,’” Trump explained last month. “Now we had military people doing it. We had Secret Service people doing it.” It is Trump’s habit to A) lie, and B) hide behind things “people say ..” never mentioning who “they” are, clearly referencing what he wants, and otherwise why mention the airport over and over? Of course this all patently absurd, but now we have people who would definitely “know,” validating our cynicism. Ex Secret Service members have come forward to state that there is no security benefit associated with using the same properties. According to Rawstory In fact, Wackrow said it would be irresponsible for the Secret Service to have preferred locations because “if we started to operate under that model, we’d not be following our protective paradigm,” which he described as “a very comprehensive advance process to build a security plan” for each location.” Right. As per usual, the professionals are making sense. No two events are identical, even if held in an identical location. It is logical that these most elite professionals would develop an individualized plan for each individual event, no matter where it is held. “Although it can be helpful to have protected a location before, even recurring locations of protection, like the U.S. Capitol, go through the same methodology each time due to situational changes,” he says. I am no professional security expert, but I do know conflicts of interest when I see them. IF there was a significant advantage in returning to the same locations, it doesn’t follow that Trump properties must be used. This is a large, rich, nation. There are plenty of nice places for rest and relaxation (or international meetings) that could be used and reused, but do not siphon off funds from the public treasury directly into Trump’s pockets. We all know what is going on here. We all know that Trump loves both advertising his properties, and billing the shit out of the U.S. taxpayer to use the site. The only difference is that the Trump supporters simply don’t care, indeed some find it admirable that Trump can game the system, while non-Trump supporters simply see what we already know. Even as sitting President of the United States, Trump will seek to enrich himself, to grift, to con, to “get over” on others. You will talk an owl of a tree before you get a current Secret Service agent to discuss his or her thoughts on the president’s use of his own properties. But some former agents are not afraid to call out the lies justifying it. When will we have Congressional hearings to put a dollar figure on the amount of public money put directly into Trump’s pocket? The pattern is one thing. A dollar figure, likely a huge one, would […]

Trump Properties Melting Value, a Glimpse of the Future.

Perhaps naming the Doral Club as the next host of the G7 meetings will come around to provide us an important service. In the decision to greedily take advantage of the presidency, Trump is highlighting a fact that otherwise might otherwise go less noticed. Trump’s brand is tanking. He most certainly needs the money. Long ago, two and a half years ago, actually (which seems very long ago, now), in the wake of Trump’s victory, but prior to his inauguration, I began a short novel. The premise was rather simple. I wrote a “Supplemental Reading” text from a fictional 2045 college history class: HISTORY 340 “On the Origins of World War III.” The novel had no real characters, and no traditional plot. The action moved through fictional excerpts of newspaper articles, interviews, talks given, and personal papers, all given by fictional characters “on the ground” as this fictional war began. I had a Navy Seal, a CIA operator from the Middle East, a Washington Post reporter, a State Department employee, among many others, including people from other nations, MI-5, Chinese Military and “anonymous Russian intelligence source.” The action moved through events I thought entirely reasonable. Putin, having sealed a manipulatable president in Trump, engineered a terrorist attack on three Trump properties in India, all planned and funded by Russian intelligence, but blamed upon Pakistani “Kashmir Separatists.” The “terrorists” issued a faked statement, a secret product of Russian intelligence: “We will continue to attack Trump properties throughout the world until India releases its hold on Kashmir.” Overnight, Trump properties, his “brand,” lost 95% of their value. No one wanted to be anywhere near a Trump property. Things then happened. Russia, of course, got outwardly involved, China, too, Pakistan, India, all responding to Trump going ballistic, literally. He pledged to “Make the World Safe Again.” I gave up 70 pages in. Too much of what I was writing was coming true, too soon. I was no longer writing speculative fiction, I was writing our nation’s prequel. Regardless, I now know that I needn’t have had all the intrigue and international subterfuge. Trump has an ability to basement his brand all by himself. No violence, no terrorist needed, just Trump being Trump, on the world stage, is plenty. According to many reports, the income from Doral, one of Trump’s “crown jewels” is down 69%. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it USA Today? The Trump Organization consists of over 500 different business entities around the world that constitute most of Donald Trump’s wealth. Recent reports, though, suggest that Trump Organization properties have been suffering since Trump was elected president… … Yesterday, Bloomberg noted that Trump Tower had been wracked by financial woes over the last two years. The occupancy rate in the building had fallen from 99% to 83%, and the majority of condos in the building had sold at a loss. “No one wants in that building,” Michael Sklar, a former Trump Tower condo owner, told Bloomberg. Now, many in the resistance might look at those figures and only take away some white hot, heartfelt, satisfying schadenfreude. But I can count upon you kewl kidz to know exactly where I am going with this. People are voting with their feet, and wallets. Everyone wants to back a “winner,” as seen by […]

It Never Stops: Trump Suggests He Host G7 at His Golf Resort. Of Course He Did

We take a brief break from concerns as to the state of a world teetering on the brink right now to make sure we don’t miss any of the craven, desperate principles with which Trump governs: Trump proposed holding the G7 at his Doral golf club in Miami next year. The suggestion screams self-interest in the fees paid, and the free advertising opportunity, demonstrating the one seamless principle by which he governs, himself over country. “We haven’t had anything that could even come close to competing with it, especially when you look at the location.” Jesus Christ on the green in two, this is just so embarrassing. “The location?” It is summer, the season that opens up highlands and oceanside locations only desirable at the “best time of the year.” The G7 meetings generally seek out places associated with natural beauty, Toamino Italy on the Sicilian Coast under the shadow of Mount Etna, Quebec Canada on the bluff above the St. Lawrence seaway, and the southern French coastal town Biarritz, to name the last three. In other words, the meetings have not been held in Milan, Toronto or Paris. Nice places, all, but big cities, a primary concern being “five minutes from the airport,” and a great golf club. Until Trump. Though, no one is saying the deal is set in stone … yet. But, it is the theme that matters here. Let us move on in the commercial/comments. “They love the location of the hotel, they also like the fact that it is five minutes from the airport. And it is Miami, Doral Miami, so it is a great location.” Set aside that we do not know who “they” are in this conversation, and focus momentarily upon the fact that each of these leaders can helicopter into the location from a major airport in less than twenty minutes, which is apparently overly burdensome to Trump, even while representing the nation. Or it is simply part of the commercial to American golfers. My god, who on Earth would choose Miami in summer, at a golf resort, over some of the other choices offered up in his massive nation? Cape Cod? Kalispell Montana? Santa Fe New Mexico? That’s literally off the top of my head as to places I would much rather be if I had my choice of the entire country, in summer. My choice would not focus upon golf, proximity to a major airport, and especially not where I could make a buck off it, which is really what underlies this “idea” and we all know it. “We can learn a lot from what they did here, even architecturally, the way the rooms were set up and designed.” Said the man infamous for needing to learn nothing about anything. Sigh. The bleat is enlightening. Even in this time of turmoil, and even in some of the most serious annual meetings on the globe, it is still about him and his fortune. Speaking about his fortune, need we point out that real billionaires are not caught up on any one weekend and free commercials? Nor TV shows? No, real billionaires are too busy looking after the entirety of their long-term worth, which includes their self-respect. Should they have any. **** Peace, y’all. We’ll get back to the world going to hell […]

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