For Trump, It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Do you know what I am?   Ugly all day!   Nicholas Cage   Con Air I love that quote, it’s one of my all time favorites. And it’s topical as well, since the way things are going, when it comes to Donald trump, the answer is Ugly all month. And better yet, it isn’t just Trump, it’s slamming the […]

John Bolton is toast. Wither reality?

Well, the Twitter bug bit again. About 20 minutes ago, Trump fired his national security adviser, John Bolton via Twitter, cuz,of course he did. In his tweet, Trump explained that he advised Bolton that “his services were no longer required.” This tweet was obviously thumbed in by some other, anonymous moron in the Comms shop, since if His Lowness had done it himself, it would have read “And so I shit canned his sorry ass.” Now, you all know my deep disgust and revulsion with John Bolton, yet another of the endless bumper crop of chickenshit hawks that the GOP keeps pulling up out of the patch, more than happy to pontificate sonorously while other peoples sons and daughters are shipped off to die. That being said, I’m not doing my victory dance at the news, and treating myself to a large pepperoni, with extra cheese. Because I’m too scared shitless. Since day one of the national nightmare that is the Trump administration, our only solace was that there were “adults in the room,” who would act as :guardrails” against Trump’s more insane ideas. H.R. McMaster, John Kelly, Mad Dog Jim Mattis, Dan Coats, all had real world international diplomacy experience, grounded in reality. Even Trump’s Secretary of State pick, Rex Tillerson, had extensive international experience. All of them swept aside by the endless rising tide of Trump stupidity. And all for the same reason, because they restrained him. And now, Bolton. You can say what you like about John Bolton, and all of it should be bad, but you have to say one thing. At least John Bolton had experience, both political and geo political, that was grounded in reality. He may well have been a real tough son of a bitch when somebody else’s blood was on the line, but at least he understood the concepts. Apparently, Bolton’s final mortal sin was in insisting that having the leader of the Taliban at Camp David in the week leading up to 9/11 was a nightmare scenario that would bury Trump in the optics alone. Trump doesn’t like it when his toys are taken away. But now what? Well, lets just take a quick look at Trump’s high quality replacements for previous “adults in the room.” He has a chief of staff whose basic thought process is “Let Trump be Trump, I’m just an ‘acting’ COS, so I can always take a hike if the shit gets too hairy.” He’ll install a toadying, sycophantic Director of National Intelligence who will cherry pick intel that Trump wants to hear, and not the reality on the ground. His new Secretary of Defense is so independent that he just stole $3.6 billion from his own wallet to give to the mugger to build a wall around his own house. And he has a Secretary of State who is such an incompetent dumb fuck that he actually thought that it was a great idea for Dumblefork to cross an invisible line into North Korea, while the pie faced clown in the stove pipe pants laughed his ass off at Trump for doing it. In his “Get the fuck outta here” tweet firing Bolton, Trump promised to name a replacement sometime next week. Personally, I’d be perfectly happy to see the stock market do a header from the top […]

The Devil Is In The Details

Rachel Maddow opened her show last night with a segment that dealt with the court hearing involving Deutsche Bank desperately trying not to have to disclose publicly whether or not Trump’s tax returns, whether personal or business, were some of the documents they would be forced to turn over if the House subpoenas are upheld in court. But as potentially salivating as that prospect was, Rachel said something that made me drool even more. The case that she is referencing is currently in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the lower court having already ruled in favor of the House. Appellate courts run a wee differently than a regular district court. In an appellate proceeding, there is not a single judge, there is actually a three judge panel that hears the case, and then renders a majority decision, as in the Supreme Court. But the appellate circuit actually consists of nine judges, three of whom are chosen by process to hear an individual case. And that’s important. Because, normally when the appellate court issues a ruling, the loser actually has two choices. They can choose either to appeal the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court, or they can appeal to have the ruling reviewed by the entire nine judge panel, and a new, superseding ruling issued. If they lose that ruling too, they are of course free to appeal to the SCOTUS. In her segment last night, when describing the proceeding as she played audio from the hearing, at one point Rachel described the defense attorney from Deutsche Bank as arguing in front of an entire panel of appellate judges. But as far as I can determine, this is the first hearing in front of the appeals court on this case. This is critical. because if it’s true, then at least this appellate court is taking active steps to stop the defense from using obstructionist tactics in their court. If a three judge panel heard this appeal, and ruled in favor of the House, the defense would have the option of asking for a full appellate panel ruing on the case. This could literally take months before a final ruling is issued, and the loser appealing to the Supreme Court. If this appellate court decided to immediately hear the case in front of the entire nine judge panel, then it is clear that they prefer a speedy resolution to this matter, when the calendar is already running on impeachment. Of course, each court is free to choose its own method of hearing their cases. But several lower district courts have already expedited their hearings and rulings on House suits, and regardless of the size of the panel, this appearance appears to have been accelerated as well. It would appear as if maybe Trump’s ceaseless criticism of the court system as an excuse for his piss poor ability to craft executive orders may finally be coming home to roost. What the Supreme Court would rule on any of these issues is of course, still an open question. but I have a strong feeling that Chief Justice John Roberts will use every trick in his toolbox to ensure that the court declines to hear the case if the House wins, and allows the lower court ruling to stand. Not necessarily because of “Brewski” Brett Kavanaugh, but more because I don’t think that Roberts himself […]

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