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Watch: The Lincoln Project’s Ultimate Smackdown Of Trump Doesn’t Even Show Him

I forgot about this over the last couple of days. I saw it on Rachel’s show early in the week as an exclusive, and then didn’t see it on screen over the holiday. This is The Lincoln Project’s “Thanksgiving” ad, and it’s an absolute masterpiece. Watch it, and tell me at the end if you […]

NY Governor Cuomo Just Ripped Trump A New One

First a little prescient news. California Governor Gavin Newsome announced today that he will be coordinating with his Governors to the north in Oregon and Washington on what steps to take, and when, between them to begin loosening restrictions and starting to return to some sense of normalcy when  the conditions warrant. And it was also announced that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will lead a three Governor group including the Governors of New Jersey and Connecticut to coordinate ways to start to reopen the northern triangle when the time is right. In the meantime, President Trump has been doing publicly what 15 year old boys normally do under the sheets in the dark most nights. He’s ranting and raving, jerking off about a brand spanking new task force that will determine how the country will reopen for business no later than May 1st. When I heard that, I immediately ran to the bedroom for a pair of Depends, nearly soiling my codpiece at the thought of future article about anything that Peter Navarro and Jared Kushner touch. Apparently The Mouth That Roared has heard the vile whispers that it isn’t his own portly, most august self who will decide when the economy reopens for business, but the governors who closed it in their states in the first place. So he limbered up his stubby thumbs, and tweeted out that while both he and the administration are coordinating with state governors, as President, it is his, and only his decision as to when and how to reopen the economy. Might it surprise you to learn that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had a little something to say about that? Speaking to Ari Melber on MSNBC, in a calm, polite, and measured voice, Coumo ripped Trump a new one in a way that ensures that His Lowness will be sitting on an ass gasket for the foreseeable future. Coumo began by mentioning the fact that since it was not the federal government that issued a proclamation to shut down the states businesses, but the state, any federal attempt to force the governors to reopen the states business and recreation facilities would be met head on in a federal court, with a lawsuit alleging a violation of states rights. And he assured that while the suit was active, it would be his decision, and not the federal governments decision, as to what and when to reopen anything. Then Cuomo smoothly and suavely rubbed Trump’s nose in his own cowardice. He related that since Trump was too big of a chickenshit to take the unpopular step of shutting down the country as a whole, and forcing people to shelter in place for endless weeks, leaving that unpalatable chore to the governors, he had forfeit any right to assume the mantle of a conquering hero, who waves a magic wand, and reopens the economy and lets everybody back outside to breathe free air again. Those two things alone will have El Pendejo Presidente baying at the moon like a retarded hound for at least a fortnight yet. But then Cuomo went for the kill shot, and it was a thing of beauty to watch. As a sitting governor, dealing with granular details every day, Cuomo came right and challenged Trump to make good on his word. His dare […]

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