The names Donald and Karen plunging in popularity

World events and notorious characters can have a significant impact on baby-naming conventions over time. That’s why you didn’t have a lot of kids...

The Democrats Accomplished Their “Subliminal Messaging” Quest This Week

You know, there’s an ebb and flow to every convention, by either party. The parties take their best shots, right out in the open, at their opponent. They hit at his record, they hit at his foibles, and they hit at his morals. It’s just the way that things go, after all, it’s a convention. […]

The Textbook Definition Of “Illegitimacy”

You know, whenever I look at the latest outrage of El Pendejo Presidente or his administration, my mind immediately goes back to one of my favorite movies, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. In that movie, any time Indiana Jones did something daring or stupid that placed them in danger, his father always exclaimed the same three words, This is intolerable! Which are exactly the same three words I bellow every time I see the latest Trump administration outrage. But earlier today, I took a break from my laser focused disgust at the latest outrage of Glorious Bleater, namely that active duty troops under his ultimate command were not worth protecting from having bounties placed on their heads by some halfwit, former KGB cocksucker. Instead, I took a step back, and looked at the devastated landscape of the last four years under Der Gropinfuror, in a more dispassionate way than I have in quite a while, and in doing so, I came to a personally stunning conclusion. The entire last four years of this country’s history has been completely and entirely illegitimate. There is no other way to look at it. Trump failed to win the popular vote, and he couldn’t even fall back on the time honored American tradition of having the fucking supreme Court hand the election to him. Instead, Trump fell back on micro targeted messaging and disinformation war but Vlad the Imp to propel him to the White House. From the moment Trump befouled the Lincoln bible with his hand, his presidency was illegitimate. But don’t get cocky, we’re just getting started. We are also honored to have a completely Illegitimate Senate Majority Leader. And he was that way when he was the Senate Minority Leader as well. Every time I look at Mitch McConnell, I can’t help seeing Gollum, the pathetic creature from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so obsessed with the power of his precious that he had lost any mortal feelings or soul that he may have had. Sound about right? Remember this. On inauguration night of 2009, it was McConnell who sat in a restaurant room with his closes cronies, and plotted to make Barack Obama a one term President. He clearly violated his oath of office that night by placing his own personal and party interests above those of the country. His chosen method, total obstruction, McConnell reached the zenith of illegitimacy when he spent almost an entire calendar year refusing to even consider a completely legitimate nominee to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States. Which means of course, that we now have a totally illegitimate Supreme Court, and on two counts. The minute Judge Neil Gorsuch accepted his nomination to the Supreme Court, he became illegitimate, and by extension, the court itself. There had been plenty of time for the nomination process for Judge Merrick Garland to run its course, except for the obstruction of Bitch Mcconnell, a clear violation of the traditional Senate role of advise and consent. Even worse was the forced ramming through of a clearly unqualified , possibly on criminal ground, of the nomination of “Brewski” Brett Kavanaugh. The refusal to allow a full investigation of the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh alone disqualified him from being confirmed. In any other administration, even if the nominee had refused to step down, the President would have pulled his name. But not […]

More doom on the horizon? House Ways and Means sues for Trump’s tax returns.

I love it when good news comes in threes, it just makes my day. And following the news that there is starting to be strong indications that Russian trolls did help Trump in 2016, and that the darling Trump Baby Blimp will be looming over the National Mall on July 4th for His Lowness’ speech, I […]

Rudy Giuliani rides to the rescue! Of Stormy Daniels and James Comey.

Did you ever catch a toddler that did something wrong? You tell them that you know they did it, and they burble out a totally nonsensical explanation of why it couldn’t have been them. Then, you patiently explain why you know it was them, and they come up an excuse so lame that even the […]

OK Ronny, playtime is over. It’s time to say bye-bye now.

I swear to God, Trump is literally the Grim Reaper! Everything he touches dies. Admiral Ronny Jackson was just a kind in the background...

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