For God’s Sake, Just Call It What It Is!

After weeks of skull sessions and endless meetings, the Trump White House is finally ready to roll out their new media messaging strategy to deal with that pesky coronavirus thingy. The new messaging campaign? It’s here, learn to live with it. Really, that‘s it? One question. What the fuck do you think we’ve been doing for six months while you stumbled and fumbled around like a series of out takes from a Chris Farley movie? Suggestion. We actually don’t need seven words of GOP salad to make the same point, only two words. Total. Capitulation. That says it perfectly. Coming soon from a Trump rally stage near you; Just get used to the damn virus. Yeah, we took a half ass stab at it, but it was too hard. Fuck it, I gotta get back to campaigning. But if you’re alive in November, make sure to vote for me, cuz the stock market is doing great! Trump never took the pandemic seriously, because it was too complicated for his brontosaurus sized brain, and he couldn’t see how it would affect him.  But then the mostly national lockdown tanked the economy, and caught his attention. But he insisted on treating it as a political problem, which was the economy, and as a result he ordered GOP Governors to reopen for business to prop the stock market back up. Now, it’s out of control, so he’s just washing his hands of the whole damn thing. But it’s not only Trump that’s cashing in his chips. So is Ron DeSantis in Florida, Brian Kemp in Georgia, Greg Abbott in Texas, and Doug Ducey in Arizona. They all followed the Imbecile in Chief over the cliff on this thing, and now they’re desperately trying to paddle back to shore. All of them have clawed back some or all of the early re-opening of their states, and Abbott actually signed an order mandating facial coverings in public. But what’s the real GOP slogan when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus? Let the fucking thing burn itself out. Several weeks ago, in an article about these states throwing their doors wide open again, I predicted that the almost inevitable outcome of this tactic would be a war within the states. And that’s exactly what’s already starting to happen. The judge of Harris county in Texas, which contains Houston, had a stay-at-home order for the county, until Governor Abbott stripped her of that authority in order to re-open the state. She is now demanding that authority back so she can lock the county down again until this is under control. The sheriff in the meat packing county in South Dakota is at open war with the Governor over restoring restrictions there. Phoenix’s Mayor is hammering Ducey for the authority to shut Phoenix back up again. And the Mayor of Miami Beach is shutting things down outside on DeSantis’ orders, and almost daring him to object. This is happening in GOP states that rushed to reopen all over. And it’s something to keep in your back pocket in the next year or so. Because these Governors want nothing to do with that damn virus anymore, and I’m betting that they’ll be happy to cede that authority, in the hopes that it will fail, and they can say Say, I told you so! You’ll really see this start […]

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