Quit Worrying! He. Will. Leave.

Oh. My. God! What is it with us Democrats? In 2016, Hillary got complacent and lazy in the rust belt states, minorities got lazy and complacent in the urban areas, and a guy who shouldn’t have been able to get elected to the camera crew of Blues Clues ended up in the White House. Get over it. Life sucks, get a fucking helmet. In 2018, the Democrats had the best of all possible leading indicators of a blue tsunami, the GOP themselves. After all, nobody walks away from a 6 figure, part time job with world class bennies unless they’re terrified. And they did, in near record numbers. And still the Democrats wailed and moaned, gnashed their teeth and thumped their breasts, and fainting couch factories had to go to overtime to supply the demand. And now we’re in 2020. Biden has built a sturdy lead, on an average of 10 points nationally, and leads in every battleground state, including some that shouldn’t even be battleground states, largely outside of the margin of error. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal, but the goal is in plain and clear sight. Even the worst 2016 nervous Nellie Democrats are having trouble trying to stoke the kind of insanity that they did in 2018. But being Democrats, we have to have something to fret and obsess over. And led by comedian Bill Maher, the latest craze is Trump not leaving office in January if he loses in November. Oh. Fucking. Please. There are so many reason’s why this is absurd. For starters, it doesn’t require the sitting presidents approval, nor should it to certify the results of an election, or the electoral college vote. Will Trump kick up a stink and try to cause trouble? Of course he will, it’s what he does. But can he stop it? Absolutely not. Right now, there are a bunch of different reasons people are quoting, and I’ll deal with each in turn. The Secret Service – Fucking fuggetaboudit! The Secret Service serves and protects the President, not the man. And at 12:01 in the afternoon on January 20th, 2021, Donald Trump becomes a trespasser on White House property. And look at it this way. As shitty as Donald trump treats everybody else, how do you think he treats a bunch of what he considers hired janissaries like the Secret Service? I’m betting most of them are just praying for His Lowness to give them an excuse to perp walk him to Marine One for his last trip back to Florida. The Military – Again, fucking fuggetaboudit! We’re dealing with Donald Trump here, which means that he could fuck up a one car funeral. In August of 2019, 5 months before the first Democratic primary votes were cast, Trump tried to strong arm the newly elected President of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on his likely opponent, Joe Biden. The whole thing was so ridiculous that not only did Trump get impeached over it, it was so thoroughly dis-proven that it became useless as an attack weapon for Trump during the campaign. More recently, in the middle of the Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd, Trump decided that he wanted to have a photo op at a graffities church. He conned JCS Chief Mark Milley into following him like some complacent sheep, in full fatigues […]

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