Trump's 2020 debate humiliations are fodder for the latest Republican attacks on democratic norms

Someone at the Republican National Committee must have gotten worried that Donald Trump’s ego needed a little extra massage, because on Tuesday, RNC Chair...

Trump Lost The Debate. On Two Fronts

No great surprise here, Trump lost the debate again tonight, and in a landslide. True, Trump may not have roamed the stage like a rabid wolverine, but he wasn’t ready for a role in the film Good Will Hunting either. There were two possible matrices with which to judge this debate tonight, substance, and style, and Trump lost them both. First […]

Biden Didn’t Win The Debate, Trump Lost It. Bigly

And I can prove it. You know, with like, numbers and stuff. The poll I’ll be referring to in this article is the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Personally, I love this poll. Both NBC News as well as the WSJ are reputable news media outlets. And the poll itself is beautifully structured. One of […]

Biden Made THE Most Important Point Last Night. Now He Has To Hammer It Home Daily

I have already vented my spleen over last night’s debate. My spleen, my bladder, my pancreas, my kidneys, and my left nut. The whole thing was an insult to democracy. But in the middle of it, at a point where Trump was taking a deep breath, and trying to find a way to link the […]

Forget The Bombast. It Was The Quiet Moments That Mattered.

This was nothing more and nothing less than a national disgrace. It wasn’t a presidential debate, it was a Godsmack mosh pit. Trump’s sole goal was to turn the entire 90 minutes of the debate into nothing more than white noise, and he gave it his best shot. And already it isn’t being particularly well […]

Biden Campaign Responds Beautifully to Trump Drug Test Challenge

We’ve all heard that Trump challenged Biden to take a drug test before Tuesday’s debate. If you haven’t seen Trump’s tweet (of course he vomited it out on Twitter), it’s right here: I will be strongly demanding a Drug Test of Sleepy Joe Biden prior to, or after, the Debate on Tuesday night. Naturally, I will […]

Restart The Debates!

The Bully Pulpit. That’s what the President has every single time he sits in the Oval Office in front of a camera, or steps behind the podium. Whenever the president gives an address, briefing or update, it is national news, and carried nationwide at his request, with network approval. You can’t buy this kind of free airtime. As with everything else in his pathetic, misbegotten life, Trump repeatedly blundered his use of the bully pulpit, especially during the corona-virus pandemic. Trump’s early press briefings were a nightmare scenario for the administration. Trump blubbered and bungled his way through an hour of free association gobbleygook and outright lies, which the media gleefully skewered. But while they were slow and clumsy to respond to the crisis, slowly but painfully the administration is beginning to have numbers that they can point to as positive accomplishments in their response to the virus. Which unchecked makes Trump falsely look in control and presidential. The Democrats are at a major disadvantage in this media battle. Speaker Pelosi can take to the airwaves to announce a new Democratic bill or program to help the American people, and take a pot shot or two at His Lowness, but Pelosi isn’t running for president. And neither Bernie nor Biden can hold public rallies or speeches with which to generate any media buzz, and turn the heat up on El Pendejo Presidente. But unless I went into a selective coma, as far as I know, Bernie Sanders is still in the race. And there are still primaries to be held. Pick a state with an upcoming primary, pick a site and a date, and hold a closed door, nationally televised debate. Just because people nationwide are in lockdown doesn’t mean that the Democrats don’t have to pick a presidential candidate, nor that the primaries are over. Besides, with a nation in lockdown, television ratings for a prime time debate should be nice and high. Start with one about the coronavirus. Obviously the entire thing can’t devolve into Trump bashing. But each candidate can start by going into detail about Trump’s response, then highlight how their response would have differed, and what the possible differing outcome would have been. They can each lay out what their own plan of action going forward would be if they were President, and compare it to Trump’s hodgepodge response. And I have no problem with either candidate drawing out legitimate differences with each other, after all, this is a debate. The next one could be on the economic crisis. Again, they can start out by graphically depicting Trump’s abysmal failure of common sense and leadership, and then parry with what they would have done, but more importantly, what their plan is going forward, again juxtaposing with Trump’s feeble bleatings. These could be held at least once a month, preferably every two weeks, as long as eligible states were still out there. This would give the Democrats a more equal footing in responding to the craven nonsense we’re getting out of these daily briefings. There’s one more thing that the Democrats can do to even the playing field a little more. This is just a personal observation, but from where I’m sitting, Mike the “My Pillow Guy” is a total flaming asshole. For three years now he’s gone around the […]

Bernie’s Achilles Heel On Saturday And Beyond

While tonight should be entertaining, the main event is, of course, Saturday night, when they start to release caucus results. Right now, plenty of people are hyperventilating over the thought of Bernie Sanders leading the national polls, but I’m not one of them. Mainly because I’m remembering a little number I think that a lot of people have forgotten. It was just mentioned on MSNBC that anyone not named “Bernie” is hoping for an upset on Saturday night. This is undoubtedly true. And for all of its cumbersome nature and jovial madness, nothing is more conducive to an upset than a caucus. That’s because a primary is a “one and done,” you walk in, vote, and go home. But a caucus is like one of those “second chance” online March Madness games, where you get to create a new bracket once yours is busted. If your first choicer isn’t “viable,” then you get to pick another candidate. And that’s a problem for Bernie. Look, everybody agrees that the Iowa caucuses were a total nightmare. But one thing I’ll say for the Iowa caucuses, once they got their shit together, and finally started releasing numbers, they gave out everything but the Iowa Democratic Chair’s inseam size. To cover for the fact that Mayor Pete got more delegates out of Iowa than he did, Bernie ceaselessly bragged about winning the popular vote in the Iowa caucuses. Like quite a few things Bernie, that’s both true and a lie at the same time. After the first, “raw” round of voting in the Iowa caucus, Bernie Sanders was comfortably ahead of the field. But after the realignment, when caucus goers whose candidates were not found “viable” moved to other candidates, the story changed significantly. While Sanders still led the popular vote, Pete Buttigieg had cut his popular vote lead by more than half, allowing him tio win the lions share of delegates. And as Trump proved in 2016, it’s all about the delegates, even in the electoral college. It turned out in Iowa that Bernie Sanders was a one trick pony, either you’re all in, or you’re not. I remember Steve Kornacki at MSNBC reporting, in precinct after precinct where Elizabeth Warren was found to not be viable, her supporters were streaming over to Mayor Pete or Amy Klobuchar, even though Sanders would have been a more natural ideological second choice. And now we have another caucus on Saturday night, and this one has a twist. For the first time, Nevada offered “early voting” for the caucus, and it was insanely easy. You walked in, got a ballot, marked 1,2 and 3 next to your candidates of choice, and walked out again. Those votes will be tallied and realigned, precinct by precinct over the next couple of days, and the results will be ready to announce after the caucuses close on Saturday night. I don’t know if Nevada is going to go into the kind of tally detail that Iowa did, but if they do, I’m going to be watching that realignment vote tally like a hawk. This is a huge problem for Sanders, and not just in caucus states, but in the primaries in general. Because if the Iowa Example is true, then Bernie has no room to grow! And while the broad base of the Democratic […]

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