Trump Accuses Adam Schiff Of Using ‘Television Lawyers’ b/c ‘He Can’t Do His Own Questions’

Once again, Donald Trump proves to us that he has no idea where the line between reality and television is drawn, or that there even is a line. As he goes progressively fruit loops day by day, it probably all seems to be television to him, only he can’t manage to fire the screenwriters or yell “cut,” much as he’d like to. Today Trump was asked, while entertaining Turkish president Erdogan, what he thought of the impeachment hearings and this was his insightful take. The Hill: “I’m too busy to watch it. It’s a witch hunt, it’s a hoax, I’m too busy to watch it. So, I’m sure I’ll get a report,” Trump told reporters when asked whether he had been watching the hearing. “There’s nothing — I have not been briefed. There’s nothing there. I see they’re using lawyers that are television lawyers, they took some guys off television. You know. I’m not surprised to see it, because [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam] Schiff can’t do his own questions,” Trump continued. He’s too busy to watch it, but he knows about the “television lawyers.” It will undoubtedly come as a shock to Daniel Goldman, attorney and director of investigations for the House Intelligence Committee, that he’s now been dubbed a television lawyer, but he probably should take it as a compliment. After all, many months ago, when Trump was getting rid of Jeff Sessions and before he found Bill Barr, he was crying out to the heavens about needing both a “killer” and “more television lawyers.” So the sobriquet, television lawyer, is apparently some kind of a compliment in Trumpworld, even though in this instance it’s a left handed one. As to Steve Castor, he’s worked for Republicans on the Intelligence Committee since 2005 and he’s supposedly on Trump’s side. Hard to imagine that Trump is castigating him, but again, to know what goes on in the twisted morass of Donald Trump’s thought process is a task that few dare to speculate on. With respect to Castor, he may not be saving the Trumpian bacon, however, and maybe that makes him a bad television lawyer. Some initial reactions on the first day. Huge difference in skill framing questions between former prosecutor @danielsgoldman for the majority — polished, prepared & focused — while @HouseGOP lawyer Steve Castor questions poorly framed, factually problematic. Americans would benefit if @GOP hired a better lawyer — David Cay Johnston (@DavidCayJ) November 13, 2019 Or, is this what makes one a “television lawyer?” Steve Castor is hunched over and frowny and looks terrible on TV. This is all Trump cares about! — Molly Knight (@molly_knight) November 13, 2019 Steve Castor is an inept questioner but in fairness there’s nothing he could say that would shake the ironclad proof of Trump’s corrupt actions with regard to Ukraine. — Max Boot (@MaxBoot) November 13, 2019 So far Castor is not the golden boy that the GOP might have hoped for. But again, in all fairness, he drew the short straw and is on the wrong side of this case, so that’s to be expected. All he can do is attempt to cast doubt wherever he can, and so far in doing so, he merely looks like an ass. I’m going to go out on a limb and say what […]

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