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Trump’s Brownshirts Stalk and Kidnap Innocent Civilians in the Streets of Portland

We are seeing something that has never happened in our lifetimes — unidentified “Federal” “law enforcement officials” stalking the streets of a major American cities, kidnapping innocent civilians, shoving them into unmarked vehicles, and making them disappear for hours or days without record or anything approaching due process. This is the next step in the Trump administration’s plans to turn America into a real police state. From what we know, this is the result of a scheme concocted by the White House, with Acting Homeland Security Director Chad Wolf taking point. Check out the video. Also check out the multiple videos posted by local journalist Garrison Davis. My full thread covering last night’s protests in downtown Portland can be found here. https://t.co/FEAkls2Sq4 https://t.co/GGyBZtEkec — Garrison Davis (Teargas Proof) (@hungrybowtie) July 17, 2020 The Washington Post interviewed a peaceful protester, Mark Pettibone, who was kidnapped, thrust into an unmarked vehicle, and driven to an undisclosed location. After he was released, he told the Post that he didn’t know who had kidnapped him. No one would identify themselves. He was put in an interrogation room, (finally) read his Miranda rights, and questioned by unidentified officials. Pettibone refused to talk and requested a lawyer. He was later released, still with no idea why he was kidnapped and by whom. Pettibone did two smart things: he “lawyered up,” and he took his story public. That got some attention. Within hours, the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP, soon to be renamed Schutzstaffel or SS) admitted that their “officers” had kidnapped Pettigrew and taken him to the local federal courthouse, where he was questioned. CBP claims they “had information indicating the person in the video was suspected of assaults against federal agents or destruction of federal property.” No. No, they didn’t. If they did, Pettibone would have been arrested and charged. CBP added to their lies when they claimed during their snatch-and-grab of Pettibone, “a large and violent mob moved towards their location. For everyone’s safety, CBP agents quickly moved the suspect to a safer location for further questioning.” The only “mob” in the area was a group of unidentified, camoflague-wearing, heavily armed assholes snatching peaceful protesters off the sidewalk for the “crime” of looking suspicious. As Pettibone’s friend Connor O’Shea, who was there when Pettibone was kidnapped, told an NPR reporter: I see guys in camo. Four or five of them pop out, open the door and it was just like, “Oh shit. I don’t know who you are or what you want with us.” O’Shea hid when the goons jumped out of their vehicle, and shot video of Pettibone’s kidnapping. More CBP lies: “The CBP agents identified themselves and were wearing CBP insignia during the encounter. The names of the agents were not displayed due to recent doxing incidents against law enforcement personnel who serve and protect our country.” Rrrright. The “law enforcement officials” refused to identify themselves because they were afraid their names would be made public. Guess what, brownshirts: the law clearly states that law enforcement officials, from lowly animal control officials to highly paid FBI officials, must ALWAYS publicly identify themselves when discharging their duties. According to video evidence, including the videos linked to this article, the only “identification” they displayed was a patch reading “POLICE.” I can buy a […]

Brace Yourself: New Book Exposes Trump’s Ruthless, Insane, Lawlessness on Border

On those occasions when you imagined what meetings within Trump’s White House must entail, and all the disjointed hell, the panic, the cringe-worthy insanity, all of it, whatever awfulness you conjured up? You fell short. Or, at least I did. Honestly, there is nothing that could have prepared me to read the latest New York Times article, excerpting portions of a new book, “Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration,” by  Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis. Zoomers, we engage in just the right amount of hyperbole around here, and sometimes we laugh because the alternative is to cry or scream in rage. But right now I want to say something with clinical clarity, and understate it. Our president, is mentally ill. Not only is he mentally ill, he is exhibiting symptoms that ought to be apparent to the steward in the room serving coffee. Our president is so mentally ill, that the head of Customs and Border Protection, Kevin McAleenan, having just accompanied Trump while Trump spoke to a room full of agents, having just heard Trump tell the agents to turn away every asylum seeker at the border, all of them, McAleenan – a patriot – made clear that the agents could not do what the president just ordered. After the president left the room, Mr. McAleenan told the agents to ignore the president. You absolutely do not have the authority to stop processing migrants altogether, he warned. That is chilling, because it was the exact right thing to do, and it was the right thing to do precisely because the nation doesn’t have a sane leader right now. Let us be perfectly clear on this, no one knows who is actually in charge. We only know that the man who thinks he is in charge is not mentally competent to execute the duties of the office. As is a recurring theme, the people within the White House not only ignore the law, but openly hate the idea of being under laws: Mr. Miller, meanwhile, saw an opportunity. It was his view that the president needed to completely overhaul the Homeland Security Department and get rid of senior officials who he believed were thwarting efforts to block immigrants. Although many were the president’s handpicked aides, Mr. Miller told him they had become part of the problem by constantly citing legal hurdles. “Constantly citing legal hurdles” translates as “people who repeatedly note that something cannot be done because it is illegal.” Miller and Trump don’t seek to change the law, they wonder why they can’t do what they want without regard to the “law.” When you merge reckless hatred for the idea of “laws” with abject insanity, you get meetings in which our “leader” advocates the unthinkable. Privately, the president had often talked about fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators, prompting aides to seek a cost estimate. He wanted the wall electrified, with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh. After publicly suggesting that soldiers shoot migrants if they threw rocks, the president backed off when his staff told him that was illegal. But later in a meeting, aides recalled, he suggested that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down. That’s not allowed either, they told him. No more of my smug […]

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