Cartoon: Cuomo vs. Hannity

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Andrew Cuomo Resigns

I just heard him say it on MSNBC, can’t find a link yet. ...

DeSantis Played Politics with COVID & People Died. But Was It even Good Politics?

Conservative politicians choose politics over COVID management as the key to future electoral success. None more so than Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. Cynically, he calculated that...

Trump Campaign Lies About Lies, And That Is the Point

Chris Cuomo from CNN interviewed Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump Campaign’s very own Kelly Anne Conway, last night. It did not go well. Cuomo confronted McEnany about Trump’s lies. Kayleigh responded that gravity pushes airplanes up into the sky, and anti-gravity allows cars to drive on the ground: “He doesn’t lie,” she insisted. “Guess who lies? The press lies.” Says the spokesperson for the most trustworthy, least racist, most stable genius, in all of history. Then it got real: “I’m going to ask you this one more time, Kayleigh McEnany, do you believe this president has ever lied to the American people?” “No,” McEnany said. “I don’t believe the president has lied.” “Wow!” Cuomo said, adjusting his earpiece. “That blew the IFB right out of my head.” “Do you believe the fake news media has lied?” she said. “Interview’s over, Kayleigh,” he said. “Please.” Cuomo then noted that if Kayleigh cannot admit to a single lie, she will have no credibility with the American public, and that she has a long way to go. Here is the tape, see me below: "No. I don't believe the President has lied."Trump campaign national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tells @ChrisCuomo President Trump has never lied to the country. pic.twitter.com/oSlLHZ4h0m — Cuomo Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime) August 29, 2019 Bravo. There is real danger, though. CNN is caught in a bind. They cannot allow unrepentant liars to sit there and spray utter garbage around the studio. But, if that is the overriding principle, and it should be, they cannot ever invite a Trump administration or campaign person to an interview, because we all know this is the result. Every. Time. It sets up a dynamic where Trump can claim victimhood again, and that the “Fake News” media doesn’t want to report any good things about him. They have an agenda against him One hopes that the majority of the American public has gotten a little too savvy to buy that line continually, and they likely have, but it isn’t healthy. The “do you think the media lies?” retort is the most dangerous. The “media” was not being interviewed, Kayleigh was. Cuomo could have responded quite easily: “I am sure there have been circumstances where some in media have been less than truthful, I cannot control that, I know that I never knowingly lie. Now, having answered your question, are you still insisting that you work for the one person in history who has never once lied?” Or something to that effect. Never forget that among the rules of the propaganda science (and, as I have said before, it IS a science), is to never admit any fault, ever. Moreover, an even more insidious rule of propaganda is to throw so much shit out there, some true, some false, some in-between, that you wear people down, convincing them that the truth is unknowable. In other words, the goal is not to get the audience to actually believe that Trump never lies. No, the goal is to get the audience to believe everyone lies, that it is all “equal,” that the truth doesn’t actually “exist” because everyone has an agenda, and thus nothing can be trusted, from anyone, ever. Have you seen a commercial for the New York Times lately? The quiet one, with no sound? It highlights that […]

Wow, Trump Publicly Lashes Out at Hannity and Lewandowski

Is there some wear and tear showing on the Right? Or is the stress really starting to get to Trump? Tough to tell, but it is not every day where Trump chastises a couple of true Trump-apologists in the open Twitterverse, while unwittingly coming out in favor of stringent gun control. It all begins with an unfortunate, but relatively mild, incident involving CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Cuomo was eating dinner with his family when a man who, for the purposes of this article we will call “a Trumper,” approached Cuomo. The incident, captured on video found below, centers around Cuomo’s response to being called “Fredo,” which, according to Chris Cuomo, is being likened to the hapless character from “The Godfather” movies. “It’s like the n-word for us,” he claims in the footage. In the video, Chris Cuomo was having none of it, and told the verbal assailant that he would “fucking ruin your shit.” In other words, Chris Cuomo stood up for himself, rightly or wrongly. But no one was shot dead, no one wrote a manifesto, everyone could have moved on. But some characters on the Right either sincerely wanted to get Cuomo’s back, or wanted to demonstrate a little anger themselves, having undergone similar taunts from liberal activists. Whatever their motivation, it actually doesn’t matter. Hannity issued the original Tweet, which Lewandowski supported and followed up: Too many of us have seen this happen when we are out with out famIiies. If this continues someone is going to get hurt. Have some respect. @ChrisCuomo has every right to defend himself and his family. https://t.co/UD6g3hy9Mo — Corey R. Lewandowski (@CLewandowski_) August 13, 2019 For what it’s worth? I am fine with both Tweets, I am fine with Cuomo – who later admitted he regretted losing his cool – acting the way he did, and I am fine with two horrible people like Hannity and Lewandowski dipping their tepid toes into reality and, momentarily supporting Cuomo while claiming victimhood themselves. Fine, if Hannity gets attacked while out with his family, and he says he’ll fuck some shit up, I don’t care. I am for activism, but I think there are better times and places than a dinner with kids who have no idea what one is talking about. Want to know who does have a problem with Hannity and Lewandowski’s Tweets, and Cuomo’s response? Well, you know already, you clicked here. But this is a little stronger than you thought: (I use artistic license to put these in reverse order). It always happens! When a Conservative does even a fraction of what Chris Cuomo did with his lunatic ranting, raving, & cursing, they get destroyed by the Fake News. But when a Liberal Democrat like Chris Cuomo does it, Republicans immediately come to his defense. We never learn! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 13, 2019 Wow, you of all people being offended by “cursing,” and then whining like the little snowflake you are? That’s really piling on what you originally said, when you actually included the video: I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN https://t.co/yBpGjt4N1T — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 13, 2019 Holy Shit! What is your job again? “Low Ratings”? You care about someone’s ratings? Have you seen Kim Jung Un’s? Please, […]

Huge private prison sends cease and desist letter in fear of 8-year-old’s anti-ICE policy video

Dream Defenders is an organization that has been working to end the awful incarceration policies that affect immigrants under the Trump/Sessions “zero tolerance” policy. The GEO group is the single largest contractor for ICE-related prison deals with...

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