What to Expect From Biden’s Foreign Policy on Cuba and Venezuela?

Even if moves to reinstate the policy introduced by Barack Obama in 2014 to normalize U.S.-Cuban relations are expected, the truth is that the...

Diplomats and intelligence agents in three countries have fallen ill. Is it imaginary, or an attack?

American diplomats and intelligence officials in three countries are suffering lingering health effects from what appear to be concussions. But these officials haven’t been indulging...

UN Votes 187-3 to Condemn US Embargo Against Cuba, With Israel and and Brazil Joining Trump Administration as Lone Outliers

The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday voted for the 28th consecutive year to adopt a resolution condemning the six-decade U.S. economic embargo that...

Only Trump can use “ancient history” to screw up today.

I’m sorry if this article comes off as just a wee incoherent, but I can literally feel the IQ points dripping out of my ears and nose as I try to digest what I just saw and heard. In yet another somber, serious, and yes, vaguely ridiculous pronouncement, Secretary of State Mike Pomapdour Pompeo stood behind a podium, and announced that the UA government will now allow Cuban refugees and their descendants to sure foreign companies operating businesses in Cuba for “damages.” A little historical perspective here. Upon completion of his communist revolution in Cuba in 1959, one of the first things that Fidel Castro did was to “nationalize” pretty much everything in Cuba but air, and that option was explored. Prosperous land owners and businessmen found their land and businesses being summarily seized, with little or no compensation. Foreign companies started, or rather continued doing business in Cuba, but now through the Cuban government. This left refugees who fled Cuba’s oppression feeling like they were left holding the shit end of the stick. In 1996, the Helns-Burton Act passed congress and was signed into law. One of the provisions of the law, but not a popular one, allowed Cuban refugees living in the United States to sue foreign companies doing or operating businesses in Cuba for compensation. Realizing the nightmare scenario that this set up between the US and its European allies, like Canada, Great Britain and France, every President since Bill Clinton has “suspended” that provision of the law from being used. But not anymore Donnie Dipshit has just lifted the suspension, making it possible for the first time for expat Cubans and their descendants to sue foreign companies doing business with Cuba. And like all things Trumpian, he’s doing it for the stupidest reason imaginable. He’s doing it in an effort to spank the Cuban government for their continuing support of the Maduro government in Venezuela. The lifting of this suspension may in fact have a negative impact in Cuba, but if so, it will be purely ancillary. The real impact will be on companies and entities in Canada and the European Union who operate businesses in or do business with Cuba. And they are already mickle displeased with the news. Both Canada and the EU have announced that they are ready to proceed wth economic sanctions against the US if Trump doesn’t restore the suspension, like soonest. Look, we just wandered our way out of a stupid tariff pissing contest with the EU over cars, and Canad over imported steel. If European companies start getting sued, it is going to start costing them huge legal fees to defend themselves in court, even before any possible judgements against them. If it hits them, dues are going to have to be paid, and we all know who Canada and the UE are going to look at to pick up the tab. And once they impose tariffs on the US in retaliation, it’ll be up to you and I to pay the higher costs to cover Trump’s foreign policy bar tab. Look, full disclosure here. I had to do a quick Google search for basic background on the Cuba nationalization mess, and the Helms-Burton Act of 1996, just so I could understand what I was talking about. But I’m just a lousy blogger,and if I make […]

Desperate to Distract from Barr/Mueller-Report Three-Card-Monte Trump is Now Picking on Baseball.

Cuba is a Baseball powerhouse, along with its neighbor The Dominican Republic and Cuban players have contributed much to the sport’s rich history and storied moments. But their road to the Major Leagues was often fraught with danger until the Obama Administration sanctioned a deal between MLB and Cuba, allowing players to come to the U.S. to play without defecting. Trump just had to f*** that up. Washington Post “The Trump administration on Monday declared illegal a December deal between Major League Baseball and the Cuban Baseball Federation that would have allowed Cuban athletes to play in this country without having to defect. The announcement came less than two weeks after the start of the 2019 baseball season, and just days after the federation released the names of 34 Cuban players it said were eligible to sign with Major League Baseball. Some of those players were expected to be signed and playing this year. The agreement was intended to prevent Cuban players from undertaking risky escapes, often with paid smugglers, from Cuba, and having to give up their citizenship to play in the United States. Under its terms, similar to those with foreign players from Japan and other countries, the U.S. baseball clubs would pay 25 percent of a signing bonus to the federation. In a statement, league vice president Michael Teevan said: “We stand by the goal of the agreement, which is to end the human trafficking of baseball players from Cuba.” First decimating the leadership at DHS and now this, are just moves by Mango Unleashed to distract from AG Barr’s sleight of hand with the Muller Report, I am convinced. Homeland security and baseball. Sheesh. Are mom and apple pie safe, asswipe?

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