The hidden Objectives behind those “Trump Roads Leading to Putin”

Nancy Pelosi quipped in a recent high-profile meeting: “All roads lead to Putin with you.” I doubt this was an accident.  She knows far more about...

Has Trump been “Doing Favors” for Putin — in plain sight?

Well well well — I wonder whose idea this was?   Does Trump even know where Crimea is on a map?  You can bet your...

Trump Again Backs Russia Over U.S.!

Once again, we’re forced to ask: “Who’s president is this anyway?” Because once again, yes once again, Trump gives his buddies in Russia the sweetheart deal that Russia would demand, almost like Russia controls US foreign policy. Here we go, CNBC: The group once known as the G-8 included the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Russia — but was cut down to the G-7 in 2014 following Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. “I’ve gone to numerous G-7 meetings, and I guess President Obama, because Putin outsmarted him, President Obama thought it wasn’t a good thing to have Russia in so he wanted Russia out. I think it’s much more appropriate to have Russia in and it should be the G-8,” Trump said, referencing the U.S.-led role in suspending Russia’s involvement with the group. Because Putin “outsmarted” President Obama? Oh, but you’re on to him now, right, MENSA Don? You know – somehow – that kicking Russia’s ass out of the most exclusive economic club in the world wasn’t in direct response to Russia’s decision to invade the Crimea? Who outsmarted who in that deal? Right, you wouldn’t have punished such an act, you would have backed Putin and kicked the other six out of the G-7, further embedding this country under Putin’s thumb. Because that would be the “smart thing to do.” Anyone else notice that Trump failed to mention what the United States would get out of the deal re-admitting Russia? Pulling out of Crimea? Nope. Standing down significant units in its military? Nope. Money? Ha, hell no. Neither the United States, nor the Crimean people get a thing out of this, only Russia. It is a pure gift. This guy. “So I could certainly see it being the G-8 again,” Trump added, noting that the group frequently discusses issues concerning Russia. Oh, I will bet that they absolutely discuss issues concerning Russia, issues like “How do we best respond to Russia invading sovereign nations? We should probably kick their ass out. If Putin invades another nation, we’ve probably exhausted damn near all our economic weapons, and now we’re probably talking real weapons. How do we best let Putin know that’s our message?” No one answered: “We let them back in right now. Genius!” I will summarize again for those of you with real lives. Once again Trump reverses a serious Obama foreign policy move in order to kiss Putin’s ass, demanding absolutely nothing from Putin in return. Same old same old. Almost as if Russia is calling all the shots, directly. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com    

Trump Signs Pro-Putin, Pro-Russian, Signing Statement on McCain Defense Bill

As Charlie Pierce asks, what does this man have to do to prove to the world he’s a Russian agent, puppet, asset, – put on a fur hat and dance the chechotka on the Truman Balconey? It appears that Donald Trump cannot even put America ahead of Russia when signing an American national defense budget. Six hours after all […]

Putin sics his Night Wolves on NATO allies. Trump does nothing. Republicans cower.

A video report yesterday from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty said:The presence of a nationalist group that helped Russia seize Crimea has sparked anger in NATO member Slovakia.... a petition ...

Putin says that Trump gave up Crimea and other parts of Ukraine during their private talk

Bloomberg is reporting that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump made a secret arrangement during their two-hour opening talk what would “help resolve the conflict” in eastern Ukraine. But the details of this plan suggest that it resolves the issue by...

It Looks Like Trump Agreed To Give Crimea To Putin and Then Conspired To Hide It From Us

Zero collusion will soon be followed up by zero conspiracy, in Trump’s lexicon of mantras. BREAKING NEWS: If this Bloomberg report is accurate, Trump secretly agreed to consider giving Crimea to Putin via a sham "vote" (which would in effect be giving his blessing to a war crime) and then conspired with him to hide […]

Trump Won’t “Rule Out” Lifting Sanctions After Putin Meeting

President Trump on Friday promised reporters winging their way with him on Air Force One that he’d bring up the issue of election meddling when he meets with Russia’s Vladimir Putin next month. But Trump couldn’t bring himself to rule out lifting sanctions or recognizing the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea. “We’ll be talking about elections. […]

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