GOP Congressman says ‘Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort ‘Em Out’

This is an interesting comment from a member of the party of personal responsibility, the chair of the Colorado Republican Party no less. Congressman Ken Buck, spoke at a Cory Gardner fundraiser this weekend, wearing a unique, shall we say, t-shirt. Congressman Ken Buck, chair of the Colorado Republican Party, chose to speak at a […]

Vulnerable Senate Republicans have a ‘morbidly obese’ problem weighing them down: Trump

It's suddenly occurring to vulnerable Senate Republicans that they're pretty much screwed after giving Donald Trump their seal of approval with an impeachment acquittal,...

RNSC Slams Lincoln Project As ‘Group of Bitter Failed Political Consultants’ After New Attack Ad On 4 Senators

The NRSC, National Republican Senatorial Committee, does not like the newest ad put out by the Lincoln Project, regarding four senatorial races which Cook Political Report currently has labeled in the toss-up category. The Hill: “Senators Collins, Gardner, McSally and Tillis have spent too much of their time in office enabling Donald Trump and not enough time fighting for the needs of their constituents,” Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said in a statement. “Their defense of Trump’s unpresidential behavior and unfitness for office has disqualified them from the privilege of serving in the United States Senate,” she added. A spokesperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) slammed the Lincoln Project in response to the video. “It’s sad to see the media treating this pathetic Democrat scam PAC seriously,” NRSC spokesman Nathan Brand said in an email. “Just because a group of bitter, failed political consultants are lining their own pockets by ripping off donors, doesn’t mean they deserve any attention for their lies.” This is an interesting characterization of the Lincoln Project, as “bitter failed political consultants.” The idea being, perhaps, that if they were happy and successful political consultants, they would be all in for Donald Trump? It would also be nice to know what “lies” Brand is speaking of. The text of the latest ad features newspaper clippings and is straight forward. However, as the year progresses, this is unquestionably the level of sniping that we’ll see more of. Here’s the offensive clip, if you haven’t seen it already. it goes without saying that these four senatorial campaigns were reached for comment and have not responded.

4 Republican senators could well be on the chopping block come November

It's not looking good this fall for four Republican senators, namely Susan Collins of Maine, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Martha McSally of Arizona, and...

Cory Gardner Calls Democratic Challenger ‘Insane’ Over Disturbingly Powerful Political Ad

Andrew Romanoff is set to do a run-off with John Hickenlooper, for the Democratic ticket in Colorado, running against incumbent Republican Senator Cory Gardner. Hickenlooper is pro-fracking, Gardner is a rabid climate denier, and Romanoff has produced one of the most moving political ads I’ve ever seen in my life. It puts me in mind of “Daisy” a :30 spot in the 60’s which warned about nuclear war. Watch the piece in it’s entirety. It’s only 4:16 long. To say it’s food for thought is an understatement as extreme as the threat of undealt with climate change itself. This spot must have pushed Cory Gardner’s buttons, because this was his reaction. GOP Sen. @CoryGardner is a climate change denier — so he’s now responding to @Romanoff2020’s new ad with a personal insult. It’s a VERY good sign that the ad is extremely effective. #copolitics #cosen https://t.co/1O9zFvDsdn — David Sirota (@davidsirota) December 16, 2019 There are none so blind as he who will not see. I just love these Republicans who deny proven facts and regard science as a matter of opinion. Sweet Jesus. Wonder if Gardner thinks the earth is flat, too, or round, but just 6,000 years old? Ya spose? Or he doesn’t think about it at all, he just cashes the checks from the oil companies? It will be interesting to see if Colorado stays blue and votes out Gardner and against Trump in 2020. Very interesting. A race to watch, to be sure.

1st Crack in the Shutdown (Besides the one in Trump’s head) R-Sen Calls for CR to Open Gov’t NOW.

That explosion you just heard?  It was Twitler Teletubby’s head.  Now, all we need are the Senate votes to override any veto.  Since they...

Breaking: Head Of Senate GOP Campaign Arm Calls For Senate To Expel Roy Moore If He’s Elected

The leader of the Senate GOP campaign arm Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), has called for embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore’s expulsion from the Senate in the event that he wins the December special election. The Hill: "I believe the individuals...

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Newsom’s ‘win’ was by wide margin

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom decisively turned back a Republican attempt to oust him in Tuesday’s special recall election in...
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John Durham, Trump/Russia Special Counsel, Brings Charges Against Lawyer Who Talked to FBI

Back in 2016, just before the election, there were rumors about a server in Trump Tower possibly connecting to...

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