CDC Has Lost Valuable Time On Coronavirus Surveillance Testing and That Could Have Grave Consequences

Donald Trump likes to jubilantly crow about how unimportant the coronavirus is. At the White House Thursday he said, “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” He might not have that rosy a view of the future, if he knew that the Center for Disease Control, CDC, lost valuable time that could have been used to track the spread of the disease in the United States because it rejected the use of the World Health Organization test and devised a test of its own, to identify not only covid-19 but other viruses. At the beginning of February, it was discovered that the test was faulty. This lack of a reliable test prevented “surveillance testing” of people in possible hotspots, a standard method that detects a disease before large numbers of people start showing up at the local ER. ProPublica: “We’re weeks behind because we had this problem,” said Scott Becker, chief executive officer of the Association of Public Health Laboratories, which represents 100 state and local public laboratories. “We’re usually up-front and center and ready.” The CDC announced on Feb. 14 that surveillance testing would begin in five key cities, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. That effort has not yet begun. Donald Trump’s rosy optimism is based upon the fact that we don’t know what’s out there, only what’s already been presented. So far, the United States has had only 15 confirmed cases, a dozen of them travel-related, according to the CDC. An additional 45 confirmed cases involve people returning to the U.S. having gotten sick abroad. But many public health experts and officials believe that without wider testing the true number of infected Americans remains hidden. “The basic tenet of public health is to know the situation so you can deal with it appropriately,” said Marc Lipsitch, professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. He noted that Guangdong, a province in China, conducted surveillance testing of 300,000 people in fever clinics to find about 420 positive cases. Overall, Guangdong has more than 1,000 confirmed cases. “If you don’t look, you won’t find cases,” he said. Plus, doctors’ efforts are further hamstrung by the fact that the coronavirus was declared a public health emergency on Wednesday and that triggered federal rules which raise the bar for all tests, and require hospitals to validate their tests with the FDA. This can be a long process, especially considering the fact that now time is of the essence. Mass production of coronavirus test kits is being discussed, but that isn’t likely to happen until at least April. In the meantime, who knows what’s really going on out there and how many people have actually got this thing? This is a situation where what you don’t know could kill you.

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#SuckItTrump Trends As Mike Huckabee Suggests Novel Solution To Coronavirus

For once, dogkiller dad Mike Huckabee has had a great idea. You know how even the broken clock is right twice a day, and so forth, well, this is Mike Huckabee’s moment in the sun. He’s come up with an original idea on how Donald Trump can singlehandedly get rid of the coronavirus, and Twitter is right there with him, endorsing it. Is there anyone left in politics who doesn’t live in their own personal fantasy world — Alex Murphy (@Dr_VanNostrin) February 28, 2020 Isn’t this great super hero imagery? This is better than Superman flying into outer space to reverse the spin of the planet, so that it would become yesterday, and Lois Lane wouldn’t die from too much dirt in her car. (You had to be there.) PENCE: Ok task force, ideas.FALWELL JR.: We could separate folks into different pools.PENCE: No more pools Jerry.WHITE: Those with virus will burn in hell!PENCE: Think containment Paula.HUCKABEE: I got a community spread joke.KIM DAVIS: Punish the gays?PENCE: Perfect! — Jeremy Newberger (@jeremynewberger) February 27, 2020 I'm with Huckabee on this one. Trump should absolutely try to personally suck the virus out of everyone and swim to the bottom of the sea.#SuckItTrump — Samantha Adams (@MsSamAdams) February 28, 2020 Rick Wilson says we absolutely do not want to access Mike Huckabee’s PornHub history and I concur. What kind of a mind thinks like that? Yes, I know, one that sought the GOP nomination for president in 2016. It was the reality TV actor or this imbecile. That was some talent on that bench. No wonder we’re where we are right now.

Mick Mulvaney Accuses Press of Coronavirus False Narrative ‘To Bring Down Trump’

The central tenet of the entire Trump playbook is that if you don’t like a piece of news, it’s fake. Of all the topics that Trump has ever been reported on in relationship to, he and his minions really don’t like the coronavirus public health crisis. They don’t like it one little bit. Speaking at CPAC, Mick Mulvaney made it clear that the problem here is not so much the virus, itself, only the way the press is handling coverage of it. The Hill: He also accused the press of peddling a false narrative about the administration “scrambling” to contain the virus, saying he briefed Congress with other top health officials six weeks ago. He accused the media of ignoring the coronavirus until now because publications were too preoccupied with Trump’s impeachment before that, which he called a “hoax.” “Why didn’t you hear about it?” Mulvaney told an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday morning in a discussion with Stephen Moore, an economic expert at the Heritage Foundation. “The press was covering their hoax of the day because they thought it would bring down the president.” Mulvaney claimed that the press is only covering the virus now because they believe doing so will “take down the president.” “Is it real? It absolutely is real,” Mulvaney said. “But you saw the president the other day — the flu is real.” “Are you going to see some schools shut down? Probably. May you see impacts on public transportation? Sure,” Mulvaney said, adding, “We know how to handle this.” And this dovetails beautifully with Don Jr. ranting on Fox News that Democrats hope the coronavirus “comes here and kills millions of people so that they can end Donald Trump’s streak of winning.” So there you have it, it’s all the fault of the media and the Democrats, nothing new to see here, move along. This is knee jerk Trumpworld flailing reaction. But what is noteworthy, is that the fear level is palpable. Don Jr., Mulvaney, and the rest of them know that they have a volatile situation here and they are clueless about what to do about it. Nobody believes Trump’s assertions that everything is just fine. And as the stock market continues to crater, Trump’s toadies realize that they better do some damage control and stat — and they don’t have a clue about that either. Only one thing is certain: Trump’s Wednesday fireside chat with the nation didn’t do squat to allay fears, all it did was prove up how clueless Trump really is.

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Trump Thinks Covid-19 Control is About Keeping the Bad People Out — and Brags He’s Done That

Donald Trump is a germophobe and that character quirk extends to everything he says or does. He honestly believes that keeping bad people out, and away from “good” people — of which he is a specimen, one presumes (?) — is the way to handle things, including the public health crisis which is upon us right now. Trump actually took to Twitter, both his comfort and his consort in times of trouble, and repeated how he’s found the answer to the coronavirus. Only problem is — it’s totally wrong and completely batshit as well. Does Trump think he closed the borders? One of these situations where you’re left to wonder if this is dishonesty or confusion. https://t.co/VCtJHrHiSQ — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) February 28, 2020 Yes, friends, Donald Trump is doing a victory lap around the coronavirus. Incredible, but then what isn’t when you start out a sentence with the words “Donald Trump?” And nobody else can believe it either, that 1. Maybe he thinks the borders are closed? 2. If they were, what would that matter, when you have a virulent strain which respects no borders? Geographical ones, in all events. Gaslighting: psychological manipulation seeking to sow seeds of doubt, makes victims question their own memory, perception, and sanity. It uses persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying. It attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim's belief. https://t.co/74JhrEWJ3i — Navy Mom ???? ???? Impeached Forever ???? (@USNavyMomPA) February 28, 2020 Donald, the responsibility for keeping the country safe falls to you and your administration. So look: Closing the Mexico border (not boarder, you ignoramus) would have done nothing to stop the spread of this virus. If this is actually what you're thinking about, God help us all. https://t.co/EkoDw1Zcum — George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) February 28, 2020 Maybe we should close off the Canadian border, too, ya think? Or, here’s a good one, maybe we close off the Big Boarder [sic] In The Sky, and declare that nobody from other planets can land here anymore, including meteorites with cooties and such. Too Andromeda Strain for you? I just thought that if we got Space Force on it, it couldn’t hurt. Last I knew Mike Pence was the spokesman for them as well, so he won’t know if he’s talking on behalf of Space Force or Covid-19, and frankly, the way that this matter has been handled so far — it won’t matter. I leave you with Trump’s classic Quote of the Day: “When somebody sneezes — I mean, I try and bail out as much as possible when there’s sneezing.” — Donald Trump  

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