Trump’s Presidency Goes To The Dogs — Literally. He’s Invited Syrian Canine Hero to White House.

You already know that Donald Trump is barking mad, but here’s yet more proof. He’s extended an invitation to Conan, the German shepherd K9 soldier who was injured in the recent raid in northern Syria, which resulted in the suicide death of Bakr al-Baghdadi. Now, as you know, Trump is a germophobe and he has said that pet ownership is “low class.” So it’s not like he likes this dog, or any dog — this is a desperate publicity ploy, to see if he can’t inch his numbers up somehow. Dogs and desperation, somehow they go together, at least in Trumpworld. Kathleen Parker, Washington Post: Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs. Full stop. Anyone who knows me wants to come back as my dog. I do, too. But this isn’t really about the dog. As always, it’s about Trump. Question: What do we know about Trump? He craves attention. What will he do to get attention? Anything. When things start going south for Trump, what does he routinely do? Creates a distraction. Even roll out the red carpet for a dog? Yes! When killing Baghdadi wasn’t sufficient to distract Americans from the Democrats’ impeachment obsession, it became obvious that Trump needed something even bigger, something to make Americans see him and feel happy. But what? Another question: What do Americans love more than baseball? ( Go Nats!) Someone surely whispered in his ear: Dogs, sir. Americans love dogs. If Trump wants to be loved, he must love dogs, too. Trump the germaphobe doesn’t seem to love dogs, but Trump the branding president loves a winning idea. He must have felt lucky last week when he spied a doctored photograph of himself draping a blue ribbon with a medal attached around Conan’s neck. Naturally, he posted it to his Twitter feed Wednesday with the caption “AMERICAN HERO !” and, goodness gracious, you’d have thought he had dog-napped Lassie and sold her to Cruella de Vil. Blasphemy! Fake news! Woof-woof. […]  Conan is coming to the White House soon, says the president, though no details of a ceremony — or a medal — were initially announced. If this were really about Conan, I’d be setting the DVR, but we know otherwise. The honoring of Conan is the desperate measure of a man who has seen the end of his own tunnel — and there’s no pretty light. Trump Wags Dog will be the headline. Or maybe even Trump Bites Dog. I wonder if he’ll manage to pet the dog? He did do a photo op with a couple of babies. Looked phony as hell, but he did it. W.C. Fields admonished actors, “Never work with children or animals,” because they steal the scene — which is the one thing that Trump can’t handle. This episode ought to be memorable, Man’s Best Friend and Mankind’s Worst Enemy. Quite a duo.  

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