About my “QAnon Strikes Back” article. Boy, was I wrong!

Look, I never said I was perfect. Omnipotent, yes, perfect, no. Even we omnipotent ones can screw up once in a while, after all, when you rype out as much stuff as I do, you’re going to cross a wire or two. And you have to be ready to admit it when you’re wrong. I have often said that while I live in my comments, I don’t go there to bask in the glory. I have repeatedly said that I welcome, thoughtful, insightful dissenting viewpoints. And hellfire and damnation, did I get set straight this time when it came to my recent article about QAnon. So much so, that I felt it only fair to give Your Mom a much wider viewship than simply having to settle for a comment. And so, here is the entire comment as posted in my original article; Have any of you guys including the OP ever read a single post by QAnon? I’m not talking about articles about but literal Q post from QAnon.pub? I’m going with no and here’s why, because if you tried to now you wouldn’t understand it unless you went all the way back to the beginning and read all of them. However, you are not going to do that because of your laziness and confirmation bias. So here you are talking all of this shit like your completely educated on the matter when you haven’t even done your homework. Yes, I’m talking to you Joseph “murphster” Murphy. Hey man, whatever helps you sleep at night. We’re not all uneducated, redneck deplorables… Aren’t you pussy hat wearing liberal men supposed to be PC and non-stereotypical. You guys can write this shit all you want. Nothing can stop what’s coming. WWG1WGA Man, do I feel like a fool! To start with, in all honesty, no, I have never read a single actual, living and breathing QAnon post. While I have a basic language translation program on my laptop, gibberish was not one of the languages offered without buying the upgraded program. And as a fact in point, PC as you as succinctly put it is a feature of East Coast liberal elitism. Me myself, I’m a good old fashioned, blue collar, Chicago libtard, and we just call any old shit the way we see it. In fact, I did quite a bit of rather extensive research for my article, and what I found was rather startling. If you go far enough back you’ll find that the actual founder of QAnon was the fabled Roman seaman, Augustus Moronicus, who was the first mofo to convince everybody else that the world was flat. But I do submit to your far superior logic. The evidence that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex trafficking ring from the basement of a Virginia pizza parlor that didn’t even have a fucking basement is irrefutable. But I do have one small bone to pick with your insightful analysis. In your comment, you indicated that you were sure that I wore a pink knitted pussy hat. As perfectly as you seem to have me pegged, I thought for sure that you of all people would realize that there isn’t enough pink yarn in the country for a head as FAT as mine. But I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave your comment. As you can […]

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