James Comey: Republican Party ‘needs to be burned down or changed’

By Michael Ruiz |  Former FBI Director James Comey argued that the GOP needs "to be burned down or changed," likened the Capitol riot to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster,...

Lincoln Project posts “Secretary of Failure” about Kushner

We need to talk about Jared Kushner, who has not only failed at everything before Trump became President, but also at all responsibilities he...

Oh No! the Boss Infuriated by Fox, Interviews Schiff and Comey

Well, well, well. Hmmm. The lord of the Right is not happy with the medium of the Right. I suppose Trump is practicing being “Putin” and since polonium shakes are not in Trump’s current repertoire (yet), Trump must resort to his favorite weapon, his mouth: Via Rawstory: “Hard to believe that Fox News will be interviewing sleazebag & totally discredited former FBI Director James Comey, & also corrupt politician Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff,” Trump said. Sleazebag and corrupt. How he doesn’t choke on those words as they roll down the marble ramp from his brain to his mouth is beyond me. The current Webster’s dictionary must have Trump’s smiling picture under both words, or it’s “discrediting” itself. But two aspects are more noteworthy. First, and most obviously, I doubt there’s ever been an American politician, or person, more comfortable expressing his entitlement to be de facto programing director for his “news” station of choice. Trump’s first commandment to Fox: “I am the lord your god, you shall have no guests before me.” Second, how snowflake is it that it discomforts Trump so, for “his” audience to hear views not pre-approved? The “discredited” Jim Comey? Discredited by who? I am not a huge Comey fan (who is?) but when I think of “discredited” people, I think of folks that get spanked by porn stars, three months after his new wife gives birth to a baby son and then has to pay a fortune to get said porn star to keep quiet about it all, such that the he is not “discredited” with the evangelical right that normally would find it “discrediting” behavior. That would discredit a person in my eyes. One might also point to someone who holds up $400 million in aid to get a foreign country to fake an investigation into one’s political opponent and gets his ass impeached for it while hiding all the evidence as “discrediting” his word? “Corrupt politician?” Holy ships. We don’t have time and the internet doesn’t have enough memory to itemize corrupt acts by … “Fox is trying sooo hard to be politically correct, and yet they were totally shut out from the failed Dem debates,” Ahem. I will resist the temptation to write an entire treatise on political correctness run amok. It is so ironic that Fox has done far more to assure its viewers it is anything but “politically correct.” Moreover, Trump using that phrase while believing it extends to booking guests (!) just goes to prove for the millionth time that Trump doesn’t have the slightest clue what the phrase entails. Regardless, even without any familiarity with the phrase, he manages to live life proving he hates being correct, political or otherwise. But hey, any rancor between Trump and Fox is to be encouraged. Division in the Trump camp can only help that camp populated by the “anyone but Trump” folks. That camp is far more fun anyway, especially on Saturday night. Might I add, when it gets right down to it, the biggest snowflake around is that one that melts hearing words insufficiently praising him. Has it ever occurred to the MAGA heads that they’re led by a big baby, terribly terribly afraid that the MAGA heads might hear something that makes them reconsider? **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on […]

Barr Annouces He “Declines” to Prosecute Comey on “Leaked Information”

How did this one slip through my sight? Time Magazine reported yesterday that A.G. Barr “declines” (for now) to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey on “Leaked information” concerning memos Comey wrote prior to his termination. The Justice Department has declined to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey over his handling of a series of memos he wrote that documented personal interactions with President Donald Trump, a person familiar with the matter said Thursday. The memos, some of which Justice Department officials later determined contained classified information, were written in the weeks and months before Comey’s firing by Trump in May 2017. A week after he was fired, Comey authorized a friend to describe the contents of one of the memos to the news media. He has said his hope in having one of the memos become public was to spur the appointment of a special counsel to run the Justice Department’s investigation into possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. Where the hell to even begin? How about here. If an FBI Director had initiated an investigation into the president, and that president had obstructed justice (or at least made a great attempt at it), had that FBI Director NOT made a memorandum right after the event, the FBI Director is either incompetent to hold the position, or “in” on the cover-up. It is one or the other. At this level, no one “plays.” Everything should be written, and he knew that. Barr knows it, too, by the way. That may well be one reason that Barr “declined” to prosecute. Second, through Barr’s confirmation hearings  – when he knew nothing at all about the situation – Barr fully admitted he planned to investigate the investigators. He said it to please … well, Trump for one, Trump supporters for two, and probably half the Senators at that hearing. Yet Trump supporters are taking the investigation as “evidence” that Comey was dirty and there is more to come. Barr SAID he would “investigate” the matter, now he “declines” to prosecute. Barr’s play worked perfectly, the base is chomping at the bit, without thinking for shit. Third, Barr’s decision to “not prosecute” was surely made out of self-preservation as much as anything. Barr surely noted the calendar demonstrating he was 18 months from possible replacement and he likely knows that federal crimes have a five year statute of limitations (generally). How vulnerable would Barr feel as possible soon to be ex-A.G had  he orchestrated prosecution of a respected FBI leader, facing investigation of HIM in the future? If he’s even half as smart as he thinks he is, that alone would lead to him “declining” to prosecute Comey. Right now, I might have some respect had Barr committed to prosecuting Comey precisely because I’d know that Barr would face tight scrutiny over it should he (please baby Jesus, please) be replaced in January of 2021. Fourth, Comey likely DID make a mistake in having his friend release the memos to the media. That was rather dumb. There are a few legal loopholes in that equation, however. Comey might state that he wrote those memos precisely because he feared retribution as a private citizen, and wrote an “official” memo to keep in the file. Change one word between the two memos and he can […]

It is NOT an Enemies List, It Is a “Witness List”: Trump Discrediting Witnesses

“President” Trump is telling his advisers that he is eager to pull the security clearances of more people that have been involved in the intelligence community and been critical of Trump, according to the Washington Post. Of course he is, that’s what Trump does, attack anyone he believes can hurt him, or attack their wives, […]

John Dean Breaks Down Bombshell Report on Trump’s Decision to Fire Comey

Raw Story now confirms a new report that Rod Rosenstein, everyone’s favorite Deputy Attorney General (everyone outside the WH), twasn’t played at all, with respect to Trump and the firing of Comey. Rosenstein knows enough that it could conceivably cause problems. He knew all along that Trump fired James Comey over the Russia investigation. I […]

Trump Wants FBI as Loyal Para-Military Force

The FBI's traces its roots to an inglorious past. Under Hoover, the FBI served as a quasi-police, quasi-intelligence, quasi-military force to go up against...

The Top Secret info that Trump gave the Russians

A new article by Howard Blum, Vanity Fair contributing editor, sheds light on the secrets that the so-called president spilled to the Russians last spring, and the shadow  that it cast upon the relationships between America’s Intelligence agencies and...

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