Person, woman, man, camera, TV: How Trump underlines his very real cognitive issue

Donald Trump has failed his cognitive test. Not the one that involved correctly identifying a group of animals that were the supporting cast of...

Cognitive Ability My *ss

It was just a normal day. Putin’s Poodle was yapping away in ALL CAPS at the Supreme Court and Dr. Fauci. His press secretary was standing behind the podium nodding sagely, as if she were paying attention to the questions before babbling like her boss, and GOP Governors were standing around looking for a miracle for the coronavirus like hard-scrabble farmers standing around praying for rain. And then the bottom fell out. Trump hasn’t lost his marbles! It’s true, they’re in a little string tie felt bag in his sock drawer. Trump just couldn’t resist breathlessly letting Sean Hannity and his troglodyte viewers in on the secret that the mystery trip he made to Walter Reed Medical Center a couple of months ago was for the purpose of taking a cognitive test. And being Trump, his hyperbole stuffed statement left no doubt as to what the actual results of the test were. This should come as no surprise to anyone. Various snippets of Mary Trump’s book have been making the rounds of the talk shows since advance copies were released. And by far the most damaging comments for Trump, at least personally, are Mary’s clinical diagnosis of her Uncle as a certified sociopath. This is not something Trump could afford to let take root, or gain acceptance. Taking a cognitive ability mental test is not like taking his SATs. The basic test itself is simple, it consists of things like the doctor saying five simple words, one at a time, counting silently to ten, and asking the patient to repeat the words in order. Another is to give the patient 4 objects, such as balls or blocks, of different sizes, and asking the patient to place them large to small, or small to large. Another is to say a simple multi word phrase, and ask the patient to repeat it. It’s not rocket science. Which is where Trump comes in. Trump can’t just pass a test, he has to come off as the guy who wrote the freakin’ thing. Trump had to tell Hannity that The doctors said it was incredible, they had almost never seen anyone do what Trump had just done! And that opens up a can of worms that Trump could go fishing with. As you can see, the test itself isn’t particularly difficult, nor should it be difficult at all for a normal person. If the doctors were amazed by His Lowness’ performance, it can mean  only two things. Either Trump actually is so fucked up that based on the test results, his doctors can’t believe he’s still capable of feeding himself. Even finger food. Or, Trump came in acting so fucked up that the doctors were flabbergasted that he managed to survive the test. There is no third option for that scenario. The funny thing is, that by publicly confirming that he took the test on his trip to Walter Reed, Trump just added another headache to his growing pile. If Trump had actually taken the test, which I doubt, and had aced it, he would have come out of Walter Reed waving that thing around over his head like the newspaper proclaiming his acquittal on the impeachment charges. But there’s a simple way to find out. We have the right to know the mental state of our President. Start watching for pretty much every news organization in the […]

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