No rain, no grain – Texas admits that the crisis is real.

“It is very difficult being a producer to have high and consistent yields with this kind of weather whiplash of extremes. It’s extremely difficult to...

A 60 Minutes story you need to see- 'Scientists: Earth in midst of sixth mass extinction'

This is difficult to watch because it is impossible to say we aren’t involved in a massive experiment  remaking much of the surface of...

Airlines have finally confessed that contrails are well beyond a severe climate problem.

When there's more energy radiating down on the planet than there is radiating back out to space, something's going to have to heat up....

'Firmageddon': Researchers find 1.1 million acres of dead trees in Oregon from drought and heat

It was the combination of the high temperatures in the afternoon with the sun boring down. We think a lot of those leaves just...

Australia is f#cked.

This isn't sci-fi. It's not a game or a joke. This isn't some quaint curiosity. This is bloody reality. Wake up. 1.5C was already...

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican

x x YouTube Video 0% Those are lousy odds. Sadly, if you...

Cartoon: Energy crisis tips

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Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day: Doug LaMalfa

On this date in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, as well as 2021, “Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day”posted profiles of the...

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Opinion | The train wreck that is Trump Legal World

The attorney-client relationship is historically one of the most sacred, cloaked with the (usually) impenetrable privilege of complete confidentiality and one that is imbued with explicit and implicit trust. Clients look to their lawyers for guidance, a keen knowledge of the law, and the ability to provide favorable public-facing content for those moments and cases
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Where Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson and Neil Gorsuch keep finding common ground

Why are Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson and Neil Gorsuch teaming up this Supreme Court term? What at first seems like an unusual pairing actually makes sense upon closer inspection, at least in the narrow sliver of cases where they’ve found common ground.On Thursday — the same day the GOP majority, with Gorsuch in tow, gutted

Kagan worried about bagels while Clarence Thomas lived large with Harlan Crow

Justice Elena Kagan was concerned about the ethical implications of receiving bagels and lox from her high school friends. Really. It seems quaint to contemplate that newly reported anecdote, but it’s all the more important to do so in light of the years of lavish, unreported gifts that Justice Clarence Thomas received from GOP billionaire

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...

Georgia secretary of state’s office launches investigation into Trump’s phone call

By Jason Morris, CNN Updated 6:57 PM ET, Mon February...
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