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“Their Whole Lives Revolved Around Sex”: Epstein’s “Partner” Faces Scrutiny

English-born daughter of publishing magnet Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, was already a woman sure to be examined closely by the FBI in relation to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking charges. His death only increases the pressure on Ghislaine, whom, if reports are proven to be accurate, knew of and assisted Epstein in the procurement of children as sex objects for powerful men, including allegations against Prince Andrew from the British Royal Family. Maxwell was romantically linked to Epstein in the early 90s, but then (grew up?) and went on to become Epstein’s “assistant,” an assistant who seemed to specialize in pyramid schemes involving child sex-trafficking. She had best get her black book out, because with Epstein now dead, the only answers as to the breadth of the operation will come from documents already obtained, and from Maxwell herself, who may well have done more than enough to earn herself a lifetime behind bars. She could find herself in need of a deal and a food taster. According to documents unsealed in the Virginia Roberts-Giuthrie civil suit filed against Jeffery Epstein (which will continue on now as a suit against the estate), Giuthrie averred: Along with Epstein, Giuffre claimed Maxwell groomed her to become a “sex slave.” Giuffre alleged that Maxwell directed her to travel and provide sexual services for high-profile men. “There’s a whole bunch of them — it’s just hard for me to remember,” said Giuffre, according to the court filing. “My whole life revolved around just pleasing these men and keeping Ghislaine and Jeffrey happy. Their whole lives revolved around sex.” Ms. Roberts-Giuffre, now aged 36, can be forgiven for “forgetting” just who was with whom, doing what and when. She lived every adolescent girl’s nightmare. But I will bet that I know someone who does know who was with whom and when. Given that it seems the entire Manhattan and Palm Beach social scene knew of Epstein’s sick habits, it would be impossible to believe that anyone both romantically linked to Epstein and then in a “working relationship” with Epstein would not know of and condone the criminal activity, even If Ghislaine is not yet named as a co-conspirator in this matter. Need we also note that as a very rich woman herself, Ghislaine Maxwell may become another focus of plaintiff’s attorneys alleging damage to their clients? Epstein’s death ended only Jeffery Epstein’s criminal liability. The death will likely make getting answers as to his enablers harder to get. However, we all know whom represents the next best source of that information, and whom likely faces the greatest current investigative scrutiny. One best learn how to spell “Ghislaine,” and ready to hold one’s nose upon hearing it. Watch this space as facts evolve. **** Peace, y’all. Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com

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