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Dictators of the World Unite as Kim of NoKo Threatens Missile Test

This is why we let real diplomats handle U.S. foreign policy and why we take State Department “career bureaucrats'” advice on how to deal with other countries, especially hostile nations like North Korea. Donald Trump is learning a lesson most boys learn in their teens. A love letter carries very little weight a year down the road, especially when tensions rise. Tensions are rising over North Korea’s threat to give the West a Christmas present in the form of a long-range missile test, or nuclear blast test. In the run-up, North Korean state television is back to calling Trump a dotard and erratic. North Korea’s Kim has also given the United States a year-end deadline to lift sanctions against China and Russia, sanctions that both China and Russia want gone. Politico is all over a story that shows how even a “boy” can run circles around a grown man when the “grown man” is Donald Trump, and the circles are international strategic maneuvers. The tensions threaten to blight Trump’s foreign policy record as his 2020 reelection bid shifts into full gear. Upon entering office, he vowed that North Korea wouldn’t develop an intercontinental ballistic missile on his watch, only to stand by as Kim presided over multiple defiant tests of his new capabilities. Now, some close observers of North Korea say Kim may be using Trump’s intense focus on his re-election next November as leverage to pressure him into lifting sanctions and striking a deal that favors Pyongyang. Now look at that last sentence. You can insert the name of just about any nation within that clause, so long as that nation has something to offer Trump in that “intense focus” on next November’s election. Indeed, if one doesn’t have something to help Trump beat the Democrats, a country might almost be forced to test launch a missile just to get Trump’s attention. Remember, Trump only cares about “big things,” like his coming election against the Democrats. “Tactically, the election plays a role and the whole impeachment process plays a role,” said Jung Pak, a former senior U.S. intelligence officer now with the Brookings Institution. “Kim probably sees Trump as being hemmed in domestically and more desperate for a deal.” As we get close to the election, get used to seeing paragraphs and assertions such as the one above. There is no limit to what Trump could give away in the name of electoral expediency if Trump believes it will help the effort. These are the kinds of things that happen when one puts his own fortune (and Russia’s, and his kids’, and his friends’, and his base’s,) ahead of the nations’ best interests. Trump has negotiated with North Korea using a style unique to him, essentially tell the other nation what to do, and why: Kim Jong Un is too smart and has far too much to lose, everything actually, if he acts in a hostile way. He signed a strong Denuclearization Agreement with me in Singapore. He does not want to void his special relationship with the President of the United States or interfere…. https://t.co/THfOjfB2uE — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 8, 2019   It is just wonderful seeing the behaviors that Trump finds effective, no? Start with a compliment (because compliments are impossible to ignore, right?) “too […]

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