Cartoon: Fired sale

The outgoing President is having a Fired Sale on his lawn. 

Cartoon: Trump Vaccine Rallies A Hit! (not this universe)

This green and blue vortex opened at my front step and this newspaper fell out. I picked it up to read the headline. I’m...

Cartoon: Justice for Adam

Another questionable shooting of a minority youth, this time in Chicago, and this time it’s 13 year old Adam Toledo. 

Cartoon: Birth Of An Abomination

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Cartoon: Kavanaugh on the sanctity of life (rerun)

Brett Kavanaugh considers life to be sacred. But what if a situation came up that really tested Kavanaugh’s convictions? Maybe he’d be actually be willing...

Cartoon: Aggrieved Migrant With a Migraine

I hope you all had a safe weekend and that the country will continue in a sane and healthy direction this week. If you...

Cartoon: “Special people”

From EngagingPeace.com engagingpeace.com/...   Daily Kos

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America’s future with abortion being a crime

As Roe v. Wade faces a direct challenge, criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, local judges and cops begin to lay...
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We've Got Your Back, MVP Harris

Most readers here have surely noticed the disgraceful treatment given to Madam Vice President Kamala Harris by the US...

UH-OH: Trump Flunky and QAnon Hero, Michael Flynn, Caught on Tape Calling QAnon 'Total Nonsense'

Never let it be said that the QAnon movement has hit rock bottom. There is literally no bottom to...

Must read

The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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