It’s not your imagination: There really is a MAGA migration to Florida

First published in The Paradise Progressive May 17, 2021 by David Silverberg If you had the impression that all the debris and detritus of the Trump...

Brad Parscale Says Trump Would Have Won If He’d Kept Him On As Campaign Manager

Brad Parscale is off the psych ward now and on his way to the publisher’s, a place where the denizens of Trump world all end up, manuscripts in hand. Since careers are destroyed at that point, the tell-all is the only financial mechanism left. Michael Cohen wrote his in prison. Maybe Parscale’s thoughts will have […]

Total Meltdown

It’s really hard to describe just how far the Trump campaign is running off of the rails in the last 32 days of the campaign for the presidency. A political campaign is no different than any other kind of team, including sports teams, an efficient one requires instant and immediate communication, and a sense of […]

Trump campaign reportedly worried that Brad Parscale will start squealing

Let me bury the lede for the moment to point out that Donald Trump almost certainly thinks he won last night’s debate. Why wouldn’t he?...

Sources: Parscale Being Investigated for Up to $50 Million Campaign Theft

Remember Brad Parscale? He came to prominence as the low-level web developer who “engineered” the 2016 Trump “miracle” victory. Sadly, 2020 has not been Brad’s year. On September 27, he was arrested and forcibly put under observation after he blew a fuse at his Florida home. Now, sources say, he’s under investigation for stealing between $25-$40 […]

Trump’s former campaign manager hospitalized after threatening to harm himself

Reports are coming out of Florida that former Trump campaign manager, Brad Parscale, was taken from his Fort Lauderdale home after suffering some kind of...

Trump Campaign Blames Dems For Parscale Meltdown While Biden Issues Lovely, Compassionate Statement

If you ever need to give somebody a description of this time in history and how the two major political parties distinguished themselves, give them a copy of these two tweets side by side. Compare how the Biden and Trump campaign react to the Parscale news https://t.co/4VOap5pM0G pic.twitter.com/WU5TrNJcJA — Rumpole of the Bayou (@RumpoleBayou) September […]

‘Suicidal’ Brad Parscale Hospitalized After He Barricades Himself With Guns, Threatens ‘Self-Harm’

Occam’s Razor would be grateful if you would just put it back in the drawer. Like the word “unprecedented” it’s worked to death these days. Sunday, the New York Times dropped its latest bombshell on Donald Trump, saying that he paid $750.00 in income tax, in 2016 and nothing for about ten years before that, when the […]

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Frontline Covid Anguish in Idaho: One Nurse's Words

This text was sent to my son who works as a nurse in the biggest ED in Boise, Idaho....
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My attempt to end the disease of an ex-president

I have been sitting out just kind of watching the action. I have been hesitant to form an opinion...

Trump’s new interviews and appearances show lethal storm is brewing

By Brian Stelter, CNN Business Updated 11:39 PM ET, Sun September 26, 2021 I watched Donald Trump's entire "interview" with One America News propagandist Dan...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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