The Best #BooTrump Piece From Sunday Night’s Nats Game

It’s an interesting day when a *resident can announce the death of a wanted terrorist in the morning, and still get booed at a ballgame that same night. But then, this is the Era of Trump, so black is white and up is down. Here’s the clearest piece of audio and video so far. It shows the jumbotron screen, first showing photos of veterans waiving, then it cuts to Trump and the booing begins (along with appropriate finger salutes) and then the stadium cuts back to more military shots. Gets better every time I watch it #BooTrump https://t.co/TCvUSF5oio — Mark Joyella ????️‍???? (@standupkid) October 28, 2019 Interesting how a crowd that isn’t controlled by Trump’s campaign or the White House reacts, isn’t it? And I wonder how he liked being on the other side of the “Lock Him Up!” chant?

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