He May Be On To Something

Yesterday I wrote a very quick piece on the “Not Many” BS we have been fed the last few days. Today there’s much more to ponder and to add. Oh, and the “He” to which I refer in the title? The same terrific guy I mentioned yesterday: Glenn Kirschner.  Glenn is an NBC/MSNBC legal analyst, so you have seen him on a whole host of shows; but he now has a daily podcast, on YouTube, titled #Justice Is Coming, on which every day he weighs in and analyzes a current issue using his 30+ years as a federal prosecutor in the DC office of the Justice Department and before that he was a JAG in the military. However, before we get to Glenn and the “what” he may be on to, let’s chat about all of us for a minute.  I know from having been a faithful reader of Politizoom and before that, of reading both Ursula’s and Murf’s work on Daily Kos, and of reading all the comments so many of us in this community of informed but, let’s face it, hair-on-fire folks who are concerned, even terrified about the fate of our American democracy, that there are a few abiding, nagging questions all of us are asking. Over and over again. Husband and I ask these questions; we talk with colleagues at the University of Maryland, with friends, with family, all of whom are asking the very same questions. We ask these questions here on Politizoom; they feature on most of the programs we try to catch, including Rachel Maddow; The Last Word; All In; and more. But until this morning at 4 am, I hadn’t heard any answers that made any damned sense to me regarding these questions we keep asking, but in particular one question: Why are literally all Republicans quiet as Edna St. Vincent Millay’s graveyard in “Renascence,” her first published poem?  Welp, here for your consideration is what Kirschner came up with and it makes estimably good sense: The Republicans, both House and Senate, aren’t merely enablers. They are complicit; they are co-conspirators; they are as guilty as Donald Trump is of selling out our democracy.  And why does Kirschner contend this? Let’s go back a bit and into the belly of the beast: remember all those Republicans who merrily jaunted off to Russia, what, three years ago now? Remember all those Republicans who bad-mouthed Trump during his run for the nomination, among them especially Lindsey Graham, soon-to-be washed up Senator from South Carolina if Jaime Harrison has anything to do with it? And then all those feckless Senators who voted not only against impeachment, but first voted to prevent even any witnesses from testifying? And while we’re at it, all the non-elected Repubs who also maintain a deadly silence, well, except for God bless ‘em, the leakers.  Here’s what Glenn says, and the podcast too if you want to hear more.                                                                                                              He reminded us: not only did the Russians […]

Not Many?

This two word sentence was uttered yesterday by the President of the United States, not as a question, as posed here, but rather as a statement of some sort of aberrant, sick fact. To what does he refer? The not many is how many he says have been killed in Afghanistan of late. So I did some checking on this not many assertion. Here’s what I found: 2019, 12 men and women in uniform were killed in Afghanistan; and then before the conditional peace was signed into being on February 29th of this year there were two more Americans killed in only two months.  That’s 14 flag-draped coffins, 14 families who have lost their sons or daughters, brothers or sisters, husbands or wives, moms or dads. Fourteen. But what really tore a hole in my heart was the Glenn Kirschner piece from early this morning: Trump’s Response to Putin’s Bounty on US Troops – “There Have Not Been Many Attacks on Us:” It’s approximately eight minutes long, and in it Glenn features a few of the outraged tweets from folks who’d heard and were responding to Trump’s “not many” statement.  The one that puts this depravity where it belongs came from a mom named Maria, whose son was killed in Afghanistan: she says I have a shirt with a bullet hole in it. Not many is irrelevant certainly, one life is too many, but it also demonstrates this president’s callous disregard for the life blood of our fighting men and women. Period. Beau, of the Fifth Column, was as outraged as Kirschner was: And so far today, at least from the morning shows I’ve tried to catch, CRICKETS  from the feckless, useless monster in the White House. Well, at least crickets regarding this news story as credible. Instead this is what we get: It’s maybe fake; or its fake news; or it wasn’t deemed credible so it wasn’t brought to my attention. Today reporters continue to dig and it is as clear as the noses on our faces they will get to the truth; and this truth will not be pretty, it will be ugly and it will be, one hopes, the final nail in Trump’s re-election coffin.    

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