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Sanders says Outrageous After Lobby to stop Sharing Vaccine Recipe With World

"I urge the Biden administration to support the proposal to waive vaccine-related IP rights at the WTO to rapidly expand supplies of vaccines." Sen. Bernie...

Sanders Warns Biden Attack on Syria Puts US on Path of Continuing the Forever War Instead of Ending It

"Our Constitution is clear that it is Congress, not the president, who has the authority to declare war," the senator asserted. Sen. Bernie Sanders on...

Turner, Other “Progressives” Undermine the Biden Candidacy

There are things you know that are going to happen, but you just try like hell to convince yourself that they may not. My cat is sleeping on the table next to the laptop, but he certainly won’t throw up on it. Yes, he will. That hurricane forming into the Atlantic certainly won’t make landfall on top of my house. Yes, it will. And since March, when Joe Biden began to run away with the Democratic primary, we all hoped that Bernie Sanders and the spiteful idiots among his campaign staff would allow the Democratic voters’ will to be carried out without their interference. Every possible Democratic voter who becomes disenchanted with Biden and decides not to vote for him in November is, by default, a vote that will not be cast to run Trump out of office. It ain’t fucking rocket science. And yet, we’re seeing evidence that some — not all, not even most, but some — Sanders supporters and former campaign officials are working to undermine and sabotage Biden’s chances to defeat Trump in November. You hoped that they wouldn’t, but yes. They will. Again. Less than a month ago, the Biden and Sanders teams worked together to create a party platform that gave both sides plenty to celebrate. Everyone didn’t get everything they wanted, but it seemed like the two wings of the party were ready to work together to propel the Biden candidacy forward and begin redressing some of the nation’s most egregious ills. Sanders acknowledged the disagreements that remain between himself and Biden, but he calls the proposal a good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction and substantially improve the lives of working families throughout our country. Now, cracks are beginning to show in that construct. And former Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner is one of the ones wielding the crowbar. On Tuesday, Turner said that voting for Biden was comparable to eating a big bowl of shit. Okay, only half of it. Gee, thanks for motivating low-information and reluctant voters, Nina. Her words on voting for Biden: It’s like saying to somebody, “You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.” It’s still shit. The deafening chorus of crickets outside my home must have drowned out Sanders’s repudiation of Turner’s vicious remarks. Some Sanders supporters have been bellowing for Turner, who said Biden has consistently let African-Americans down, to be named as Biden’s vice president. I hope they’re holding their breaths waiting for that to happen. Similarly, Cornel West, a former Sanders campaign surrogate who once referred to “Brother Bernie and Brother Trump” as the only two “authentic human beings” in the 2016 race, attacked Biden: We have to be true to ourselves and acknowledge that Biden is a mediocre, milquetoast, neoliberal centrist that we’ve been fighting against in the Democratic establishment. Trump’s campaign should be grateful for West’s cooperation with them in trying to undermine Biden as a viable president. And former Sanders campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray, one of the most reliable anti-Democratic voices from the Sanders crew, is repeatedly attacking Biden, possible vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and even, on occasion, Barack Obama on her Twitter account. Remember, Gray bragged about not […]

Bernie Sanders Is Playing With Fire, Slams Warren, Biden

Oh boy. Well, here goes nothing, I should know better, but … Bernie Sanders has gone on the attack, and it isn’t in a good way, directed at Donald Trump. Nope, the Sanders campaign is now strongly attacking both Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Sanders firing ammo in all directions right now: * Sanders himself ramps up criticism of Biden on war and trade.* Campaign slams Warren in volunteer script.* Nina Turner op-ed in South Carolina rips Biden on race. Democrats want a fighter. Is he the one they want? — Jonathan Allen (@jonallendc) January 12, 2020 Yes, we do want a fighter. We want a fighter for all Democrats, and even all independents. Politico has some more details about how it is all happening through a script volunteers are to read: The script instructs Sanders volunteers to tell voters leaning toward the Massachusetts senator that the “people who support her are highly-educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what” and that “she’s bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.” “I like Elizabeth Warren. [optional]” the script begins. “In fact, she’s my second choice. But here’s my concern about her.” It then pivots to the criticisms of Warren. No “new bases”? Women? Twitter is lit with people proclaiming that Sanders is the one person who would lose the race to Trump. Indeed, the Obama campaign’s Jim Messina says that Trump likely wants to run against Sanders. Trump will want to run against the supposed “socialist” platform. I don’t believe that is necessarily true, or at least I never used to assume it to be true. I am starting to wonder. I do know this. The more Democrats tear at each other, the easier time Trump will have. The more invested each Democrat becomes in his or her candidate, to the point of hostility to another, the more we ensure that some unenthusiastic voters stay home, ones needed versus Trump. I don’t want to hear any Democratic candidate tell me why another has a problem. Never. I will figure that out myself. I want to hear why a candidate believes he or she is the best person to defeat Trump and instill sanity again. It is the only platform in which I’m interested. I still haven’t decided who I will support. But I will rule out anyone who is blasting other candidates in an attempt to get that person out of the race. I do not consider the above to be “blasting,” but it’s damned close, putting down the supporters of someone else, defining them with damning “praise.” I do not understand how it is that this has happened twice now, and Democrats don’t seem to learn. To be honest, it does seem like a feature, not a bug, to the Sanders movement. It is frustrating to see, maddening to think about. The consequences are way too severe to be playing with this kind of fire. If Sanders wins the nomination by destroying the other Democratic candidates such that he infuriates voters from other camps, what good does that do Sanders? None. It means he will lose the general election. Any candidate, including Sanders, needs to convince people across a broad spectrum of beliefs, and will need every Democrat, to the right […]

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