Brett Kavanaugh Is The H-Word According To Nancy Pelosi

The one thing that has struck me most about the Kavanaugh hearings was not that the good ol’ boys club backed him up (since we knew that was coming, didn’t we?) but that the headlines weren’t plastered with the obvious.  Kavanaugh was described as many things, but never as hysterical. That word has been (until […]

Get The Popcorn, The NeverTrumpers Are Planning A Coup, Primarying Trump In New Hampshire

If Donald Trump was a normal guy, right about now he’d be running either to a psychic or a shrink to find out why his life is going to hell all at once. As if the fifth column in the White House, as manifested by the anonymous op-ed writer, and the Mueller investigation weren’t enough […]

You’re Watching The Foreign Policy Edition Of ‘The Apprentice’ and The Cliff Hanger Is Monday

Donald Trump is bluffing his way through a job that happens to be the most important one in the world. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if when he jars awake at 3:30 a.m., terrified, awakening from a nightmare about what’s in store when they really find out about Russia, that the first thing he […]

Elizabeth Warren Tells Trump ‘Cancel Your Summit Get Your Butt Back On A Plane’ Both R’s and D’s Agree

It’s Friday the 13th and not a good day for Donald Trump, who after throwing a grenade into the NATO summit and making a spectacle of himself undermining Theresa May In the UK, has had his dreamy eyed contemplation of meeting with Vladimir Putin after the weekend dimmed by none other than Chuck Schumer, who […]

You reap what you sow: Ben Sasse says farmers in his state are panicked about health care rate hikes

I saw this and thought right away, Ben Sasse voted for “skinny repeal”. He voted for the Republican Tax Cut Scam, that would repeal the health care mandate and cause 13 million Americans to lose their health care and with many more getting premium...

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Can I just say: Ashli Babbitt is the culprit responsible for the death of Ashli Babbitt

Monday night on Tucker Carlson, Aaron Babbitt demanded the name and identification of the Capitol officer who shot his wife,...
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Cartoon: The Rich


Yet another Republican realizes his political ambitions require embracing Trump's Big Lie

Add Arizona attorney general and Senate hopeful Mark Brnovich to the list of Republicans who’ve decided that their political...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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