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A Heroin-Addicted Moby Fan, Son of Dead Deustche Banker, May Doom Trump-Putin

Alright. Much of this has been all-too-predictable. But not all. The fact that a Moby fan, addicted to heroin, son of a Deutsche Banker who committed suicide, might play a pivotal role in bringing down Trump and perhaps Putin? I admit, I didn’t see that coming. I figured more of a Green Day type. From Charlie Pierce over at Esquire, hit me one time: The saga involves the tragic suicide of a DB official who thought he hadn’t done enough to investigate trickeration and deceit inside the bank; his son, a musician, who came into possession of a massive trove of internal communications, and who decided that sharing is caring, and who apparently has been battling an opioid jones for most of his adult life; North Korean hackers, and the massive hack of the Sony Corporation; and a cameo appearance by Moby, who connected the whistleblower with Rep. Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee. Sure, of course. Happens all the time. What is clear is that if the world ever wants to know the truth about Trump, someone is going to have to autopsy Deutsche Bank. Key word being “autopsy,” because that entity deserves to be deader than the chicken nuggets in your happy meal. From the New York Times: “Clearly, things went on in Deutsche Bank which weren’t kosher,” added the second agent. “What we’re up against is, all those bad acts are being pushed down on the little people on the bottom.” “The low-hanging fruit,” said the first agent. “And the larger bank in its entirety is claiming ignorance and that it’s one bad player,” said his partner. “But we know what we’ve seen. It’s a culture of just — ” Clearly. Mr. Simpson asked Mr. Broeksmit to travel with him to Washington and meet some of his contacts. Mr. Broeksmit shared some of his files with a Senate investigator and — after snorting some heroin — a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The documents found their way to a team of anti-money-laundering agents at the New York Fed. Coincidence or not, a few months later, the Fed fined Deutsche Bank $41 million for violations inside the American unit that Bill Broeksmit had overseen. (A Fed spokesman declined to comment.) What does all this mean? It means that the answer to everything Trump-Russia-Saudi goes through the servers at Deutsche Bank. Someone likely committed suicide over it. I am sure there are some in Russia quite willing to murder, if necessary to keep it out of our hands. God help us. Moby? **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com      

Three Critical Trump Documents MUST Come Out Prior to 2020

We on the left have spent all too much time debating the impeachment decision, when, where, if, etc. to the point our positions are ingrained, to the point that each of us knows the definition of “inherent contempt” and have a position on it. And that’s fine. Whatever one’s beliefs on the utility of impeachment with a Republican Senate, and I certainly believe we’re past time, it is – however- near irrelevant in some context. Obviously, nothing we’ve seen yet indicates that the Republicans will cave on Trump, not with where things stand right now. But things could change, and change quickly. What could change Republican intransigence with respect to Trump? What might get through their collective Stockholm syndrome? I believe three things are critical going into 2020, three things that – if procured – make Trump’s fate near inevitable. First: We need the whistleblower complaint. I have seen a ton of stuff on the ‘tubes de net stating that Trump may or may not release the “transcripts.” Well, that’s fine, too, we can do that as part of a larger effort. We need the actual complaint, first, because we have reason to believe that the complaint encompasses more behavior than just the phone call. There are acts in accordance with the phone calls. The lifting of $250 million in military aid, held up, and a peculiar extra $140 million, that need be explained. We need the actual complaint to document everything the whistleblower saw. This could be “treason” on paper. Second: We need Trump’s Deutsche Bank records. We have always questioned Trump’s ties to Russia, and it needs to be established. Trouble is, most of the witnesses to that relationship are in Russian territory, or within the Trump family, beyond Congress’s reach. However, we need not get testimony from witnesses to the relationship if we have evidence of Trump’s financial relationships, evidence  arising from the one choke point where everything “Trump-Russian” comes together, Deutsche Bank. It is the only “bank” on earth that will loan to Trump, they must have a reason that the other banks do not. I refuse to believe it is a coincidence that this same bank that has already been fined repeatedly for assisting the Russian oligarchy in its never-ending need to launder money is the same one that will loan to Trump. These banks records must establish the ties between Trump’s properties/money and the Russians backing him. Third: We need Trump’s tax returns. These documents are absolutely critical to establish Trump’s conflicts of interest. We cannot know how he makes his money, how much he is losing, or how desperate he might be, without his tax returns. Put simply, without Trump’s tax returns, everyone is flying blind, with no reason at all to trust Trump. Might I also add that there was a whistleblower complaint filed within the IRS pertaining to the handling of Trump’s taxes, and we don’t even know where that complaint has gone at this point. The law makes it very clear, the IRS must turn Trump’s taxes over to the relevant House committee. It is an anti-corruption statute precisely intended to lift the veil on possible corruption. The above three “needs” would expose what I call “crimes on paper,” those actions which speak for themselves, and cannot be spun away with “context.” […]

Avenatti Out on a Limb: Crimes Were Committed to Expose the Ultimate Trump Crime

Michael Avenatti might have made his first big mistake, or not. Two days ago, Avenatti released bank records demonstrating that Michael Cohen received $500,000 from a Russian oligarch who had already been deposed by Robert Mueller. Almost more shockingly, the same report indicated that Cohen received payments from corporate giants AT&T and Novartis. These payments […]

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