Avenatti’s Cryptic Tweet Hints that Kavanaugh May Face Surprises: Other Women

Avenatti, the lawyer that I keep going back and forth upon, admiring his effectiveness, disliking his media centered approach, has provided the nation an invaluable service on the whole. He may be on to something important again. One thing is for sure, he has broken enough stuff that even when he hints at something, it […]

Giuliani Gives Worst Interview Yet: Admits Trump Might Be Lying

Quite a morning, a former staunch Republican, Joe Scarborough, calls out the Republicans in Congress as functional Putin co-conspirators, and Rudy Giuliani goes on TV – why he continues to do so, is anyone’s guess – and gives one of his worst interviews yet, which is a remarkable feat. This morning, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota took […]

Avenatti Vaporizes Miller Detention Prog. Promises Lawsuit

As an attorney, I’ve had some issues with Avenattie seeking headlines. This one, I support with my heart and head, because he’s about to make serious trouble for the Trump Administration with respect to the most sickening and indefensible program any administration has had since the World War II detention of Japanese Americans. According to […]

Avenatti: “I know for a fact” Donald Trump Is on One of Cohen’s Recordings

Avenatti is on Ari Fleisher’s show at this very moment describing a phone call he got from a reporter last week, asking him to comment on a tape in which his client’s former attorney is discussing “making a deal” with the person whom he is supposed to be adversarial to – Michael Cohen. More importantly, […]

Avenatti: “Trump Participated in Cohen’s Businesses” – Linked Together

Michael Avenatti went on TV again today (it is a day that ends in “y” even a three day weekend won’t deter him) and this time drove a promising stake through the heart of the Trump claim that it is all a partisan witch-hunt. “This is a president that people have routinely stated that he […]

Avenatti Calls For Investigation of Rudy’s Personal Finances

Avenatti is doing what he does best, making life for Team Trump absolutely miserable, for that we all give thanks. This time, he called for an investigation of Rudy Giuliani’s personal business and finances: Responding to a tweet that read, “Curious if anyone’s been demanding the personal financial, business and family details of @RudyGiuliani as […]

New Avenatti Bombshell, U.S. Big Corp Inc, DC Power Firm, and Trump, All Now Terrified

Michael Avenatti makes use of every second of television time he gets, and used this morning’s appearance on the Joy Reid show (video of the appearance below) to drop a bombshell as big as any he has already made. Avenatti promised to “out” all the companies that paid big cash to Michael Cohen for access […]

Avenatti Out on a Limb: Crimes Were Committed to Expose the Ultimate Trump Crime

Michael Avenatti might have made his first big mistake, or not. Two days ago, Avenatti released bank records demonstrating that Michael Cohen received $500,000 from a Russian oligarch who had already been deposed by Robert Mueller. Almost more shockingly, the same report indicated that Cohen received payments from corporate giants AT&T and Novartis. These payments […]

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In a cynical attempt at counterprogramming the Jan. 6 House Select Committee hearings, the 4G Goober Gang—Marjorie Taylor Greene,...

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