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Did Twenty Minutes of the Ukraine Transcript Get Suppressed?

Unbelievable. That was the conclusion that Senator Angus King’s staff came to, after reading the transcript/memo of the phone call to Ukrainian president Zelensky. They had no trouble believing that an obvious shakedown that took place. No, that wasn’t what they had trouble understanding. Rather, they couldn’t understand how an undisputed thirty minute phone call yielded transcripts that King’s staff could not make last more than ten minutes, reading at normal conversational pace. According to Rawstory: Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, King asserted that according to an analysis by his staff, roughly two-thirds of the call time remain unaccounted for. The 75-year-old King (who was a Democrat before 1993) told Cooper, “I had two staff members from my office the other day read it aloud, and we timed it. They read it in normal speaking pace. It took them ten minutes and 40 seconds; the phone call was 30 minutes. Now, we don’t know what is missing.” Now that is interesting, no? I can’t help but note how many times we have heard that the phone call was “perfect,” how quickly the White House released the “transcript” (when have they ever done that?), and how often we have heard “no quid pro quo.” Perhaps the most damaging portions of the call are still on the server? We have seen the administration attempt to “spin” release of documents before, the Mueller report being exhibit one. King does allow that perhaps a translator was used, despite the fact that Ukrainian president Zelensky speaks English: The senator, however, noted that some of that time might have been taking up by translators. The 41-year-old Zelensky speaks English as well as Russian and Ukrainian, but English is not his native language. Whatever else is going on, King is no fool: “The problem is the president feels that he is the state — you know, like Louis XIV,” King told Cooper. Trump, King added, wrongly believes that “criticism of him is treason against the United States.” Yes. Just ask Adam Schiff. I want the tapes of the phone call, all of it, and I want it analyzed by forensic experts, because this White House is capable of anything. It does seem to me that a thirty minute phone call would entail a lengthier discussion than what appears in the memo. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom  

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