Don Winslow Films Nails the Corruption Of Trump In ‘America’s Greatest Mistake’

Before the advent of Donald Trump we might have asked ourselves, “What has been America’s greatest mistake?” The answer would have been slavery. At least that’s what Ben Franklin warned from the very beginning, that it would be the downfall of the republic. But Franklin most likely never conceived of a communication medium like television, or the power it would have to dupe a large number of people into believing that a characterless buffoon, notorious for multiple bankruptcies, was actually a man of accomplishment, who could and would improve their lives. “You’re going to get so tired of winning.” Only a game show host would even conceive of a line like that. Yet so many fell for it. Mystery thriller writer Don Winslow’s opinion is that Donald Trump is our greatest mistake — and not just him. but the entire school of sharks that he swam in with, who have blatantly polluted and corrupted our institutions.

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