Xian Group Says Ted Yoho Isn’t Acting In Jesus-like Manner and They Want To Talk To Him About It

The chickens are swiftly coming home to roost for Ted Yoho, after his rude verbal assault on Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and then, even worse, his tepid non-apology for same. Apparently Yoho forgot that he was on the board of the Christian group, Bread For the World, and they might have an opinion about how disgracefully he conducted himself. And they did. Bread.org “Bread for the World is deeply concerned about Rep. Ted Yoho’s verbal attack on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and what we and others perceive to be his non-apology. “Bread for the World is concerned that his behavior in the past few days does not reflect the values of respect and compassion that Jesus calls on us to exhibit every day and we expect from our board members. Before we determine any further action, we have reached out to his office and have sought an opportunity to speak with him about the incident.” It will be interesting to follow up on this and see if Yoho finally steps up to the plate and does the right thing. Or, if he resigns from the board, then we’ll know how concerned he is about world hunger. Or, if they throw him off the board, which would make a statement to other yoyos like Yoho, that this kind of behavior belongs in the Stone Age and will not be tolerated by decent people today. Good for Bread For the World for speaking up. The faux Christian evangelicals may be tolerating every outrage that comes out of Trump world, but increasingly there are real Christians, i.e., those who live according to the teachings of Christ, who are putting their foot down. This is encouraging.

Coming Soon, An Ocasio-Cortez Comic Book, Featuring Congresswoman As ‘Butt-Kicking Superhero’

The innovators of the “Barack the Barbarian” comic series, Devi’s Due comics, have come up with a new title, to be released May 15, the “mother of all one-off commemorative comics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Freshman Force. Issue #1, New Party: Who Dis?” The Hill: The comic book is titled after a fiery response the freshman congresswoman directed towards Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) in January after he said he hopes she is not the future of the Democratic Party. Ocasio-Cortez fired back in a tweet at the time, asking, “New party, who dis?” The Chicago-based publishing company said in a release that the new comic book will see Ocasio-Cortez “engage in a series of super-heroic mini-adventures, taking on the GOP establishment from within.” “To boot, this anthology comic satirically skewers everyone from President Trump to his near-endless team of morally-compromised Republican cronies,” the company also said in the release, while also adding that book will feature “bonus” activities and games like “Where’s Mitch?” Good news, the publishing company says that a portion of profits will go to America’s United Service Organization and RaicesTexas.org, which provides free legal services to immigrant families and children. Maybe the Congresswoman will have a book signing and leap tall buildings with a single bound. To receive articles of mine not published elsewhere become a patron on Patreon. Please follow me on Twitter @ursulafaw56  

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