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Up Yours, Secretary Azar!

This shouldn’t take long, In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be typing this, but I’m pissed as hell, and wanted to get it out when my full Irish was up and burning white hot. I just saw HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s little fireside chat with Chuck Todd today on Meet The Press. I ain’t up […]

HHS Secretary Alex Azar Rode In To Save The Day. For Everybody Except Trump, That Is.

You know, if somebody with some real juice, I dunno, say God maybe, told me I could live my life over, I think that this time I would enroll in medical school. Only by being a board certified proctologist would make finally seeing a perfect asshole even that much more special. And to my untutored eye, Alex Azar is pretty much a perfect asshole. I know why the White House sent him out there today, on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. On the surface at least, Azar comes across as calm, measured, professional, and qualified, unlike most Trump appointees, who look like they just got off of a park bench after a three hour nap. But then Azar had to go and open his mouth, and spoil the whole goddamned thing. Azar spent the entire interview with a smarmy, sarcastic, holier-than-thou attitude. His snoot was stuck so high in the air that Prince Charles immediately signed up with him for lessons in proboscis elevating. Personally, if I want a derisive ass chewing, I’ll go in and see my boss. From a medical professional, I’d like a bedside manner a little more like Marcus Welby, and a little less like Madame DeFarge. I’ll give him credit, Chuck Todd really tried. But unlike most Trump acolytes and surrogates, Azar appears capable of maintaining a laser focus on his predetermined messaging. Todd tried the time honored tactic of probing from different angles, and even expressed frustration where called for, but Azar was not about to be knocked off of his game by the likes of Chuck Todd. Todd asked Azar about the sudden spike in cases in the southern and southwestern states, and Azar explained, expressing surprise that these spikes seemed to be driven by the under 35 age demographic. I cannot conceive of how these brainless twits continue to be gobsmacked by this fact when it has been on the daily demographics chart for two weeks now! Hell, I’ve even written about it, and how far ahead of the curve can I be, fer Crissakes?!? But Azar blew out a handful of pixie dust by saying that, while positive cases and hospitalizations were up, thankfully ICU and death totals were down. But to me, that’s a bitter ray of sunshine, since not enough time has elapsed for the gestation of the virus to catch those numbers up to the spike level yet. But even when he was pressed, and admitted that the under 35 demographic was largely responsible for the spikes, he failed to lead. Todd gave him a perfect opening, but Azar flat out refused to counsel that anyone under the age of 35, who had placed themselves into a situation of possible contact, whether confirmed infected or not, should maintain social distancing protocols concerning contact with higher risk groups, say like Mommy and Daddy, or the grandparents. After all, we wouldn’t want Mom and Pops to think the little bastards didn’t love them, right? Todd also hit Azar like a hammer on the administrations pathetic performance on contact tracing, which, along with social distancing and maximum testing have long been the CDC’s Holy Trinity for beating back the virus. And that’s where Azar went into full Nuh-uh, don’t look at me, not my problem mode. He immediately launched onto a long monologue about how. Contact tracing is, by its nature, a community effort. And every single time […]

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