Trump’s Boxing Match an Utter Failure

I am not a fan of boxing.  I think it should be illegal to stage an athletic event where the intent is for one...

20 years ago Rep. Barbara Lee told America what would happen if we went into Afghanistan

Viral video of Afghans clinging to a U.S. military plane departing Afghanistan circulated online Monday in the aftermath of the Taliban occupying the presidential...

Biden set to announce US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

From the White House website: www.whitehouse.gov/… After a rigorous policy review, President Biden has decided to draw down the remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan and finally...

Trump Mumbles and Sways Through Pledge Of Allegiance on 9/11, Melania Doesn’t Even Try

Another courtly appearance by the statesman in chief and his classy wife. The two embarrassments that live in our White House made an appearance in Pennsylvania at the site of the downed plane on 9/11. Trump doesn’t know the words to the pledge of allegiance and Melania didn’t even bother. Watch and you’ll see he […]

Hyperbole Fails Me. And Trump Too.

It’s old hat for us by now. With His Lowness, everything has to be the biggest! and the best! The biggest brain, the best “gut,” the bestest debt. He frequently impersonated his own PR flack to push male shit that was too fawningly embarrassing even for Trump to say about himself. And it’s certainly bled over into his presidency. He has the best job numbers in history, the lowest unemployment ever, his trade deal with China is the biggest, most profitable deal in world history. He has collected billions in non existent tariffs from China, and he has personally done more in three years than any president in history has done in 8! But this time, I think El Pendejo Presidente may have had sexual congress with Fido. Apparently Trump was feeling lonely in that bog old Oval Office, so he invited a bunch of schmucks in to watch him sign his billable time hours for the month, as well as writing a couple of checks that will almost certainly bounce. And being Trump, if there are ears anywhere in the immediate vicinity, he’s going to bend them. And this time around, he popped off and related the indisputable fact that the coronavirus was worse than Pearl Harbor, and not only that, it was worse than the terrorist attacks on 9/11. OK, look, hyperbole is one thing, and Trump’s whole shtick is to make himself appear almost superhuman solely by word rather than by deed. But this time, But worth his bellicose thundering this time, he did something that Trump should know better than to ever do. He created a situation that begged factual, historical comparison. And if you’re Donald Trump, that’s fucked up. First pf all, the comparisons Trump laid out there are facetiously inaccurate on their face. Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were both insidious sneak attacks, with little to no time for preparation. The coronavirus was a known entity months before it ever reached our shore, Trump was, or should have been fully aware of it, but his bacon double cheeseburgers and tee times were much more important. But the comparisons only get worse from there. On December 7th, 1941, we had a president by the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The first thing that Roosevelt did after the attack was to address the nation, give a description as to what had occurred, and promise swift and full retaliation. He immediately re-tasked the entire might of the United States industrial might to create an unstoppable war machine, and oh yeah, as long as he was at it, he might as well give that little shit Hitler a good stiff knock in the nuts too. On September 11th, 2001, we had a president by the name of George Walker Bush. What did he do in response to the sneak attack? He got information, and immediately went on the airwaves to report to the American people, and he reassured them that the full force of the United States would come down like a sword of Damocles on the heads of the terrorists. Then he went on to sympathize and mourn, as well as try to heal by insisting that the attacks were not an assault by the religion of Islam, but of terrorists. And then he accepted the readily offered military and logistical […]

On 9-11, the “President” Tweets About His Greatness, Polls, Media

Have we become so numbed that this goes without surprise, never mind outrage? On the calendar day that we remember others’ sacrifices, and within an hour of laying a wreath at the Pentagon, the president issued the following tweet: If it weren’t for the never ending Fake News about me, and with all that I have done (more than any other President in the first 2 1/2 years!), I would be leading the “Partners” of the LameStream Media by 20 points. Sorry, but true! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 11, 2019 Let’s break down the multiple layers of repulsive and self-righteous shit layered just within this one statement. Victimhood: “Never ending fake news.” Not a single negative thing written is ever true, nor ever his fault. It is all fake. Greatness: He has done more than any president, ever. Embarrassing Stupidity: In stating he has done more than any president anywhere, he is setting himself above Washington, who risked his life and freedom in the revolutionary war, then established that the president would be a citizen, subject to the laws, one who returns to life as a private citizen. Trump is setting himself above Madison and Jefferson, who did the heavy lifting in writing a constitution that is the closest humanity has come to an “ideal” form of government. He is setting himself above Lincoln, who risked half the union, and gave his life, to free people “owned” by other people, and save the nation. He is setting himself above Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who fought for regular citizens during the worst depression since the Dark Ages, then went to war for the world, fearing only fear itself. He is setting himself above Reagan and Bush who oversaw the end of the Cold War. And he is setting himself above Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, who reversed the Great Recession, lead the effort to get healthcare for millions, and cut down Bin Laden. Trump has exceeded ALL of them. Stupid, but normal. Rejection of Reality: “I would be leading by 20 points …” despite the fact that even in Fox’s own polls, Trump has never once been above 50% approval, not once, and is now exploring the bottom of his base. Outrageous Narcissism: All the above came out on a day that an American president should not Tweet at all, but for one lone picture of the Twin Towers, Pentagon, with a “never forget” message. The “president” should be visiting first responders and listening to their concerns. This is “our” president, today, as if it were just any other day, the outrage never ends. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com, Follow on Twitter: @MiciakZoom

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