Federal Prosecutor on Capitol Attack says Trump may be criminally culpable

From tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes: x YouTube Video Lead Capitol riot prosecutor says Trump could be culpable for his role BY JUSTINE COLEMAN  Michael Sherwin, the federal prosecutor who...

After Trump’s Meltdown, “60 Minutes” Hits Biden and Harris with Pure Republican Framing

Everyone’s been talking about Grand Nagus Drumpf’s meltdown in front of Lesley Stahl on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” and I’m sure we’ve all seen it...

WATCH: Trump Broadcasts Uncut 60 Minutes Interview So Everybody Can See How Badly He’s Treated

The playbook is starting to come together here. Donald Trump is a victim. He was victimized by Chris Wallace, by Savannah Guthrie, then Lesley Stahl came on the scene. Now he’s going to go to a second debate tonight, and Kristen Welker will be mean to him as well. So, to that end, Trump has […]

Trump Threatens To Release ‘Unedited Preview’ of 60 Minutes Interview With His ‘Magnificently Brilliant’ Answers Uncut

It’s starting to become apparent what Donald Trump’s game is, with respect to Lesley Stahl and the 60 Minutes interview that he stormed out of a few days ago. He’s worried that the “magnificently brilliant” answers that he gave will be edited out of the final piece. To that end, he’s threatening to release the […]

Panicked Trump Threatens To Air ‘Electoral Intrusion’ 60 Minutes Interview Before CBS Does

Look, somebody take the nuclear football away from this jerk, now, because this is getting out of control even for him. Seriously. This is getting scary. …Everyone should compare this terrible Electoral Intrusion with the recent interviews of Sleepy Joe Biden! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 20, 2020 Trump is decompensating He's long possessed […]

Trump Storms Out Of ’60 Minutes’ Interview, Temper Temper

Nothing like dealing with a 74-year-old baby. This is a developing story but here is what is known so far. First, Donald Trump tweeted this, in an attempt to “mask shame” 60 Minutes anchor Lesley Stahl, who was at the White House doing an interview and then something went awry and he abruptly terminated the […]

Trump Exposed on 60 Minutes: How Dishonest Politics Upended Coronavirus Research

Naturally, Trump puts his ignorant notions and his need to find a scapegoat above where the facts and the science point. The facts that...

’60 Minutes’ rolls out receipts after Trump adviser complains they never covered pandemic warnings

During a press briefing on March 19, Donald Trump inexplicably told reporters (and the world) how surprised he was by this deadly pandemic. Despite...

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Frontline Covid Anguish in Idaho: One Nurse's Words

This text was sent to my son who works as a nurse in the biggest ED in Boise, Idaho....
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My attempt to end the disease of an ex-president

I have been sitting out just kind of watching the action. I have been hesitant to form an opinion...

Trump’s new interviews and appearances show lethal storm is brewing

By Brian Stelter, CNN Business Updated 11:39 PM ET, Sun September 26, 2021 I watched Donald Trump's entire "interview" with One America News propagandist Dan...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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