I. Am. Rejuvenated.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”   The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King I just finished watching the Biden and Harris victory speeches. I couldn’t stop laughing. I […]

The REAL Power Of Money

Money talks, and bullshit walks Yeah, but they also have completely different strides. And nowhere is that becoming more evident than in the almost incredible disparity of spending money between the Biden and Trump campaigns going into the last two weeks of the election. Just for starters. In the last 3 months in battleground Michigan, […]

Trump Finally Got What He Wanted. Except It Wasn’t What He Wanted.

Trump has one small problem. His mentality is stuck in the 80’s when the world was his oyster. Here’s an example. Referring to white suburban women as housewives is not the way to endear himself to them, as they have said out loud in interviews. Neither is telling them that their already largely integrated suburbs will be […]

Leading Indicators Four Years In The Making.

I tried to find me an executive position, but no matter how smooth I talked, they wouldn’t listen to the fact that I was genius, the man said we got all that we can use   Jim Croce   Working at the car wash blues I know I riled some of you a while ago, when I told you to stop pouting and just accept the fact that barring a Russian invasion, Joe Biden is going to be the next President of the United States. Maybe if I give you a quick peek at my mentality, you’ll understand. Just shy of 60 years ago, when I strapped on my first pair of skates, and picked up my first stick, I began my hockey career as a goaltender. And even back then there was one inviolable rule. Your memory is only one shot long! Make a great save? Pump your fist in the air, take your teammates accolades, and get your head back in the game, another one is coming. Give up a cheap goal? Slam your stick on the crossbar, get a glug of water, and get your head back into the game before you give up another one. With that mentality, it was easier for me to see 2016 what it really was. A terrible, soft, cheap goal against. The day after the election I wrote a scathingly bitter sour grapes article for Daily Kos, splashed water on my face, pulled my mask back down, and started working on 2018. For me, 2016 was never anything more than a cheap, lazy goal. As I was looking through today’s new poll results, and some cross tabs, something snagged in my mind. So I looked further back at some other things I had written and read in polling, and the pattern was still there. Yeah, I know, don’t jump my shit. National polling is not conclusive, since we have an electoral college. But looking back historically, this is not some seismic event, it is actually the continuation of a trend 4 years in the making. Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017, and the next day, the bottom fell out. The massive Women’s March on Washington protests provided a global rebuke on Trump and all that he stood for. But being president, Trump went ahead and started filling his cabinet and department sops so he could at least give the appearance about giving a shit about running the country. Trump may be a political buffoon, but at least he listened to somebody with political skills for once. When choosing loyal GOP House members for administration positions, he chose carefully from only what were considered safe GOP districts, to ensure maintaining his house majority after the special elections. And the wheels still flew off of the Klown Kar. Surprisingly the Democrats managed to steal a couple of seats. But more importantly, in state after state, and district after district, the Democrats out performed the shit out of the GOP. When all was said and done, the Democrats out performed the GOP by an average of 16 points per race. Races that incumbents won by 20 the year before were reduced to a 4 point margin of victory. Worse yet, in the off year state elections of Virginia in 2017, the Democrats came within a coin flip of tying the House. There was […]

Shh! Listen…What DON’T You Hear?

Drivin’ for Jesus., Drivin’ for Jesus. Makin’ ALL the lights!   George Carlin Today’s look at the Coronavirus Dashboard on MSMURFBC is brought to you by TrumpDiva, the world’s first shit flavored laxative, because Trump supporters will swallow ANYTHING It’s only getting worse, not only for the states, but for those GOP Governors. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got so rattled that he actually wore a mask in public while explaining just how serious the coronavirus really is, but still insisted that blowing $200 on a ticket, and wandering around wearing mouse ears all day was just the ticket for what ailed you. Brian Kemp in Georgia is still trying to add 65,000 voters to the 2018 voting rolls so that Stacey Abrams can take over this shit sandwich, and Greg Abbott in Texas spoke at length about how serious the virus surge in Texas has gotten, and how Texans are going to have to start taking some personal responsibility for taking preemptive action to help to stop the spread, And Doug Ducey in Arizona gave a speech in which he stated that this was only the first wave, and not the last one, and that things would get worse before they get better. None of them ordered mandatory mask wear in public, but none of them slammed mask wear either. And DeSantis, Abbott, and Ducey all announced that their re-openings were being stopped in their tracks. When you look at these guys, they all share a common characteristic. They all have that deer in the headlights look, like “How could this get so far out of control?” Being a Governor under Trump was supposed to be like playing mailbox baseball, even if you got caught, Dad knows the sheriff, so there’s no problem. And suddenly they have another voice in their drunken aria. For the last 3-4 weeks, while his neighboring red states were suffering the tortures of the damned, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has been one cocky little son of a bitch. He has gone on show after show, including MSNBC to tout his brilliance as a leader, and how rosy the coronavirus situation in Arkansas was. Plenty of beds and respirators, and well rested doctors and nurses. Not anymore. Arkansas cases are soaring, and his own state university Medical center models are projecting that Arkansas won’t see it’s peak until late September or early October, at which time their load will be 30X what it is currently, capping out at some 150,000 cases, and they’re already pushing the limits right now. As far as I can tell, Asa Hutchinson has gone into the Witness Protection Program. And as one would expect, as the numbers get progressively worse, so do Trump’s job approval and reelection numbers. And over the last week or so, I’ve noticed something, especially in the aftermath of the Tulsa and Phoenix rallies. None of these people can seem to remember Trump’s name anymore. In Tulsa, officials, including the Governor spoke about how they wished that The President had decided to reschedule the rally, or go somewhere else. The day after Phoenix, Ducey spoke of being on stage with The President. These guys used to drop his name like a trucker trying to get into Studio 54, and now they can’t even spell it. Because they want the distance, and calling Trump The President depersonalizes him. But they won’t get it. Ever give a ball of yarn to a cat or kitten? It’s […]

About Those New Tricks And “Old” Dogs

People who say that they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think that they don’t care what people think   George Carlin It has been said before, by not only myself, but by others far more knowledgeable than me, but it bears repeating. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The first job of any newly elected President, of either party, starting with his inauguration speech, is to reach out and build bridges, in order to make his own reelection campaign easier. And instead Trump is doing exactly the opposite. Trump is totally and cravenly devoted to his base, and I get that part. Given Trump’s psyche, it’s purely about his ego. He considers them his sole property, totally devoted to him, and the fount from which all good things flow. In his mind, he created them, he activated them, and they are the sole reason that he is such a political savant and is in the White House in the first place. The problem arises from the fact that these slobbering racist fucks account for only about 30-35% of the GOP voting block, much less the nation as a whole.But Trump’s devotion to that base is costing not only him, but the GOP writ large traditional constituencies that they have literally spent decades cultivating. Almost all reputable major polling shows that Trump has already shed white college educated voters, male and female, he has pissed away his advantage among white non college educated men, and is at risk of doing so with women of the same ilk. He has lost the disillusioned Democrat and independent voters who gave him a shot hoping for change. He has lost the sliver of the African American vote who have spent the last three years finding out exactly what the hell they had to lose!, and his dictatorial bent with peaceful protesters has got to have many members of the military, as well as veterans leery about his sanity. And despite their deepest kept personal preferences, Evangelicals who like to think of themselves as socially responsible and good Christians are slowly starting to turn away from him too.You name ’em, and Trump has pissed them off. But now El Pendejo Presidente is about to piss off a GOP constituency that I thought it would be impossible for any GOP incumbent, much less a sitting GOP President to piss off, namely, crusty old farts. You know, people like me. Well, not me specifically, since I’d rather step in front of a Japanese bullet train than pull a lever for Trump, but other old farts. After all, older, white men and women terrified of social change have been a mainstay of the Republican party voting block since Ronald Reagan launched The Southern Strategy. But Trump is doing it, and apparently with absolutely no recognition that he’s doing it at all. Trump’s tweet today about the 75 year old protester sent to the ICU by uniformed Buffalo thugs was merely the icing on the cake. That protester, God love him, has 12 years on me, I’m only 63. But I suffer from balance issues due to my glaucoma, as well as inner ear problems, and I’m here to tell you that, if I took a full extension, two hand shove from a couple of Buffalo bulls, by the time my ass hit the pavement, there is no fucking way that either my […]

The Math Is Easy. So Why Is The Page Such A Mess?

Just a couple of quick observations on last night before we get to the main event. First, Elizabeth Warren is a captain without a ship, and I feel sorry for her. From day one she has been the happiest warrior out there. But she doesn’t seem to have a constituency. She won one precinct in Iowa, and I didn’t see her color on a single spot on the map last night in New Hampshire. She has a base core of around 10%, which isn’t bad, but no room to grow, since she isn’t filching any Bernie voters, and she’s too far left for the Buttigieg/Klobuchar crowd. Amy Klobuchar gave the best speech of the night last night. This was the first truly national election night speech for any of the candidates, since the mockery that was Iowa gave nobody anything to say about the results. Klotuchar’s surprise 3rd place finish last night meant coverage, and she used it beautifully to introduce herself, possibly for the first time, to the voters of Nevada, South Carolina, and the Super Tuesday states, who are just starting to tune in as their own primaries approach. If Tom Steyer still had his own company, he’d fire himself for incompetence. Steyer has spent more than $100 million on advertising alone, not counting on his ground organization, to garner a lousy 4% of the vote. Steyer would never have become a billionaire on that kind of return on investment. I haven’t seen such political malpractice since 2012, when Karl Rove took almost a billion bucks on congressional candidates, and got a pathetic 0.04% ROI. Now, on to the main event of the evening. I have a message for Bernie Sanders. Your socialist revolution didn’t show up. Apparently they were all busy grooming their beards, adjusting the tilts of their berets, and hitting on college co-eds. After collecting 60% of the vote in 2016, Sanders putted an underwhelming 26% last night. Worse, Bernie did not dominate Mayor Pete in college towns the way he was counting on, and in more moderate districts, he didn’t finish second behind Buttigieg, he was finishing third behind Klobuchar as well. This is bad news for Bernie, because his sole claim to electability was that he alone could ignite a socialist revolution that would bring out millions of new voters to reshape the very image of America. But voting in Iowa was static with 2016, and while New Hampshire voting was up over 2016, Bernie didn’t get an overwhelming lion’s share of the pie. Sanders has a couple of math problems, and here’s one of them. In order to replicate the path that Trump took in 2016, Sanders needs to at least garner about 35% of the vote, while everybody else is in the teems to low 20’s, so he can bank most of the delegates and build a cushion. Except not. Because a majority of GOP primaries are winner take all states, and the Democrats apportion most of their delegate votes, Sanders needs to be closer to 40%, and he’s nowhere near that. These 26-24-20 final results do him no good. There’s a reason why Sanders is nowhere near 35-40%, and that’s his other problem. Her name is Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren clocked 9% of the votes last night in New Hampshire, […]

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