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MyPillow Mike Lindell gets canceled by Newsmax

  MyPillow guy Mike Lindell gets canceled in Newsmax interview David Knowles MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appeared on Newsmax Tuesday afternoon for an interview about being kicked...

BREAKING: All Eight Joint Chiefs Sign Letter, Affirming Biden to Become President on Jan. 20th.

  “On January 20, 2021, in accordance with the Constitution, confirmed by the states and the courts, and certified by Congress, President-elect Biden will be...

More Republicans support the ransacking of the Capitol than oppose it

Kenny Stancil at Common Dreams writes—Poll Shows Nearly Half of GOP Voters—Lied to by Right-Wing Media—Approve of US Capitol Ransacking: A new poll released in the aftermath of...

Sasse: Trump “Kisses Dictators’ Butts,” “Sells Out [Our] Allies,” and “Flirt[s] With White Supremacists”

Yesterday, Senator Ben Sasse (R-Gutless) decided to castigate Trump instead of snuffle his rear end like other Republicans do. During a virtual town hall with his Nebraska constituents, he laid into Trump for botching the federal government’s coronavirus response, playing snugglebunny to dictators and white supremacists, and offending voters. Sasse said if Republican Senators get […]

Stop Trying to Convert Trump Supporters

Here’s something we didn’t know about ourselves, bedwetting libtards that we are. Ready for some hard-won self-knowledge? We are pedophiles. All of us. Even if we don’t realize it, we are. And, most of us are cannibals. Really. Yum, yum. When a band of illegal aliens raped and bludgeoned a white high school girl to death, and dismembered her with machetes, we helped cover it up. Every one of us. But that’s okay. Donald Trump knows all of our names and what we did. We will all be properly punished. Christ on a skateboard, Max, where did you get this loopy shit? Apparently it’s what millions of Trump supporters believe. Not dozens. Millions. Noted author, documentarian and essayist Jeff Sharlet recently published a lengthy, powerful and disturbing piece in Vanity Fair titled “Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church and He Is the Gospel.” Eek. One of the recurring bits in Sharlet’s essay — which, if you haven’t already read it, you should take a break from my piece and read — is him being dumbfounded at some individual Trumper’s insane pronouncements on this or that issue, such as “most socialists are cannibals,” only to find out that dozens of the Trump cultists he interviews believe the same thing. Like most cults, they have their own vocabulary and tropes. One enthusiastic Trump cult follower took a break from posing in front of a mirror in a Trump mask (proclaiming “I’m him!” and giggling in glee) to raise the mask, drop to his knees, and start sniffing the ground. “Creepy Joe!” another one immediately proclaimed. They knew immediately what the guy was doing. Many, many grandfathers like to bury their faces in the hair of their grandchildren and make snorting sounds. It makes the children giggle. Joe Biden has been known to take it a step further and nuzzle the hair of grown women — not a great choice to make. But in the hate- and Trump-maddened minds of the Trump cultists, Biden telegraphs his actual intentions every time he does, well, anything — he is, they claim, a “child sniffer” who likes to…you know, I don’t even want to complete that sentence. You and I know that Biden is a doting old grandpa who took too long to realize that his hugging and nuzzling behaviors were sometimes inappropriate, and that’s it (regardless of what lies a former staffer tried to spin about him). He isn’t the child-mauling savage the Trumpers paint him as being. But that’s only one tiny aspect of the barking mad construct of lies and bullshit the cultists occupy. According to them, the entire purpose of the Democratic Party is to cover for a massive child-trafficking operation that operates on a worldwide basis. Think “Pizzagate” with as many exponential numbers behind it as you care to throw. Doesn’t matter how stupid the theory is, or how thoroughly it’s been debunked. The act of debunking it actually proves its viability, because in their minds, 2 + 2 = HA HA I HAVE YOU NOW, STUPID LIBTARDS. But there’s more. This is where the religious context of the Trump cult becomes apparent. Trump is The Chosen One, choses either in spite of his worldly flaws or because of them, whichever narrative works. In contrast, Democrats and liberals are either […]

Politico’s Terrifying Article: Russia’s 2016 Hack Succeeded, Only Question Is How Much

I will warn you now. Politico Magazine’s deep dive into Russia’s hack of the 2016 election will leave you stunned, depressed, and scared as hell. You may well want to consider whether today is a good day to read it. But you must read it at some point. It is your duty as an American. America was attacked, successfully. The only question is how extensively, and how successfully, as well as the questions about the vulnerability of 2020. It could be worse. This column will not be short, but I dearly hope you appreciate the depth of analysis. Indulge me in allowing me to start with a personal observation that may or may not be relevant, but damn well fits the findings in the article. In the Florida elections in 2014 (Senate), 2016 presidential, and 2018 (Senate and Gov) it unsettled me to consistently see the Republican vote (always close) outperform reputable polls done a week prior to the election. I remember reading articles noting the Democrat led by 2-3 points, only to see Florida go red, consistently, in what I had confidently considered a Democratic winner. It has gotten so bad that I now just expect to be “surprised.” The Politico article leaves me even more unsettled. For one, it is now established fact that Russia manipulated the 2016 Florida database computers – especially Broward County, the heavily Democratic area. In 2017, then Senator Bill Nelson noted the importance of the successful hack, and was attacked by Republicans for alleged speculation. In 2018 Nelson was proven correct. Later in 2018 he lost an extremely close election to the Republican, Governor Snyder. The article is from Politico Magazine, and is thus a deep deep dive, and hard to summarize and analyze here. But I must give you a taste within the bounds of the fair use doctrine. The focus of the article is the evidence of extreme abnormalities in North Carolina and Florida, both associated with a small company that specializes in election data base software VR Systems (50 employees, but widely used in Florida, NC, and other states). There is no question that the small company’s software was hacked. The questions persist about the impact. I doubt the company itself is biased toward Republicans. It cannot survive unless it is known to be reliably neutral, with no political bias. But it also has every reason to cover-up any detrimental impact due to Russian interference. There is rock-solid evidence that the company was penetrated prior to 2016, yet the company is not responsive to many questions. During the September call, the FBI urged participants to look out for any traffic coming to their websites from a list of suspicious IP addresses the FBI provided. After the call, VR Systems told Wyden, the company looked through its traffic logs, discovered activity from the IP addresses the FBI had mentioned on the call and subsequently reported that activity to the bureau. It’s not clear, though, whether the company also told the FBI at this time about the phishing emails it had received a month earlier, or whether it had already reported those emails back in August. (VR Systems wouldn’t respond to questions about the timeline discrepancies.) The article is simply stuffed with disturbing facts such as the above. One of the most […]

Report: Trump in Major Trouble in Mid-West State He Had Won Big, Broader Problems?

It took Republicans and their need to please Trump to invent the term “electoral college landslide” to describe one of the closest elections in American history, one in which Trump came in second with respect to total votes. I find it critical to remember how narrowly Trump won, because it is easy to forget. He governs like he was unanimously elected, and anyone arguing otherwise is citing “fake news.” Thus it is, that when AP has a report that Trump is in major trouble in Iowa, a state he won comfortably, it is extremely significant. Per Rawstory: In 2016 Trump easily defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Iowa, wrapping up 93 of Iowa’s 99 counties, but times have changed. According to former Democratic Gov. Tom Vilsak, “They’ve gone too far to the right and there is the slow movement back. This is an actual correction.” Umm, only if you view “too far right” as synonymous with “insane” and “tariff-crazed.” Iowa has perhaps suffered the greatest damage under Trump’s “easy to win” tariff war with China, and I suspect they don’t appreciate it. But the damage is not coming from the agricultural communities so much as from the suburbs and exurbs. “Iowa’s metropolitan areas, some of the fastest growing in the country over the past two decades, have given birth to a new political front where Democrats saw gains in 2018. The once-GOP-leaning suburbs and exurbs, especially to the north and west of Des Moines and the corridor linking Cedar Rapids and the University of Iowa in Iowa City, swelled with college-educated adults in the past decade, giving rise to a new class of rising Democratic leaders.” The consensus is that “Iowa is in play.” Iowa has only six electoral votes, and will likely not swing the election on its own. But the lesson is in the emerging importance of those darn suburbs, with those college-educated people who aren’t as racist, watch the news and don’t particularly like Trump. Iowa has growing suburbs and it is giving Trump’s campaign problems. Wanna know another state with lots of suburbs and soccer moms that aren’t racist? Texas. Yes, Texas. It has become increasingly purple, and though no Democrat has won Texas since LBJ, the 2020 Democratic nominee has a chance at winning Texas for the same reason that Iowa may be in play. Simply put, Texas swung way to the left in 2018, and may be poised to go further in 2020. The state’s increasing competitiveness is due in part to its diversifying population, since people of color are more likely to support Democrats. The Census Bureau data put the state’s Hispanic population at nearly 40 percent. Trump is also struggling to win over higher-educated and wealthier voters in the suburbs. Immigration will likely continue to be a top issue for voters in the border state. When you put Hispanic immigrant children in cages, and then campaign in a state that is 40% Hispanic, you are going to have – deservedly so – huge problems. And here’s the good part, if Texas goes Democratic, forget Republican presidents for a long time. Texas has 38 electoral votes, second only to California. The reliably Republican nature of Texas has almost offset the advantage that Democrats have in California. If Republicans now lose Texas, […]

Trump Admin Just Admits It Doesn’t Care About Human Rights, China Happy

Oh my god. Larry Kudlow, fighting for a place in the running for “dumbest White House advisor,” went on CNBC this morning for an interview, and we learned a great deal more than Kudlow and Trump likely intended. First of all, did you know that a renowned war-criminal is representing the United States in trade talks with China? We do now, as we found out the Henry Kissinger – a man responsible for countless deaths at the behest of brutal (but pro-American) dictators in the early 70s – is quietly operating as a U.S. agent in talks with president Xi of China: Eamon Javers, a CNBC journalist covering the economy, reported on the remarks Kudlow made to a group of reporters. Kudlow said that Henry Kissinger, President Richard Nixon’s former secretary of State, had recently been to the White House — and he has also recently met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping twice. No United States president should want any association with Henry Kissenger, as the man has no moral compass whatsoever. But, of course, Trump has no moral compass and I suppose it is a match made in heaven. Do we not have an entire Department that exists to handle these very specific things, such as trade talks? Trump really likes avoiding the State Department when it comes to “private talks.” What the hell do you want to bet that Trump has a private citizen, a ruthless one who never cared about criminal or immoral behavior, as a back-channel to Xi because Trump is offering “goodies” in a trade agreement in exchange for an investigation of Biden? And then there is this, which should take your breath away: Kudlow said President Xi told Kissinger that he would rather “deal with President Trump, who will focus more on trade in the economy, rather than democrats who won't talk about key trade issues, but instead will go on about human rights and other things.” — Eamon Javers (@EamonJavers) December 18, 2019 Ah, but Kudlow’s brain kicked in a moment later when he realized he just said something extremely honest, and that is very bad: He added: “Now, let me be careful here. President Trump made it very clear that we favor freedom and democracy and a peaceful solution in Hong Kong, and that we oppose, of course, the maltreatment of the Muslims and the Uigurs.” — Eamon Javers (@EamonJavers) December 18, 2019 Absolute bullshit. You already told us the part you’re proud of, and thus your little “retraction” is in no way moving me. Trump cares as much about human rights as he does about corruption. Zero. Indeed, from everything we have seen, Trump vastly prefers nations that crackback on their citizens over those like, oh, Canada, Denmark, and France, those nations at which he sneers. What do you want to bet that Trump just wishes he could arrest Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi right now? You can feel it, can’t you? The only thing holding Trump back is knowing that the limits to his power exist somewhere out there, and starting to arrest politicians could easily lead to his arrest at some point. But he fantasizes about it, I can near guarantee. No, he doesn’t care about human rights. And China definitely wants Trump re-elected because, for all we know, […]

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