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Despite a thousand and one window stickers and a long history on social media, the press has been careful to avoid “speculating” about the motives of pipe-bomber Cesar Sayoc. After all, it’s hard to say why he sent explosives to the people whose pictures he had decorated with cross-hairs below tableaus celebrating the wisdom of Donald Trump. Why … it could be anything.

That’s not an issue with synagogue shooter Robert Bowers. On the morning of his mass murder, Bowers sent a message explaining exactly why he was doing it.

This isn’t complicated. It’s not a conspiracy plot hidden in pizza ingredients. It doesn’t need to be interpreted by a mystery character hiding behind a Sesame Street name.

Republicans have spent years building up the idea that immigration is an existential threat to America. Republicans have also spent years alleging that Jews are secretly funding both immigrants and protesters. What Bowers did on Saturday morning is the direct result of that one plus one = 10 dead and counting. Bowers’ finger may have been on the trigger. But a lot of Republicans encouraged him to pull it. Including Donald Trump.

Let one of Trump’s Fox friends explain the connection.

Steve Doocy: The President of the United States referred to the caravan at wide-ranging events out in Montana in Missoula. He said he suspects Democrats could be behind the caravan and while he didn’t cite any evidence it is thought he was referring to a video that Matt Gaetz Congressman from Florida who tweeted out earlier, apparently showed migrants being handed down in Honduras it was believed, they don’t know where it was, being handed cash and Mr. Gaetz yesterday called for an investigation whether U.S. backed NGO’s, or George Soros were behind the caravan. So, you know, obviously, it’s a political thing to the White House.”

The video that Doocy, and Trump, referenced is here.

This is hardly the only time that Gaetz pulls on his anti-Semitic armband to make unsupported allegations against Soros. He flies that red-white-and-black flag proudly and often. And of course, Gaetz is far from the only one. As Huffington Post noted on Friday, attacks on Soros are a staple of Fox News.

Since April, people on Fox News have depicted Soros as a “dirty word” and a “radical” who “hates the United States.”

Jewish billionaire investor George Soros is the most-frequent bogeyman of the right not because he’s a billionaire, or because he’s an investor. It’s that … other adjective in front of his name that counts. Judicial Watch, a group frequently cited by both Gaetz and Trump, has an entire archive of Soros conspiracy theories, and a fund-raising page just dedicated to those who want to get in his way.

Trump has said that the midterm elections are about “Kavanaugh and the caravan,” and Trump has blamed Soros for both.

Just four days ago, Donald Trump declared himself a nationalist. In terms that left no doubt that he knew exactly what he was saying.

Trump: You know, they have a word. It sort of became old-fashioned. It’s called a nationalist. And I say really, we’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I am a nationalist. Use that word.

It’s fair to say that Robert Bower used that word. He certainly demonstrated what that word means, and the absolute result of a Republican Party that has supported xenophobia and Antisemitism to the death. Not their death, of course.

Trump is right to say that the people in that synagogue needed protection. From people like him.

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