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Road trip! Only two little words, but how they stir the soul. I think that for most men, those are the second two most favorite words in the English language, close behind “Another beer.” But over the next few days, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Robert Mueller, or one of his industrious gnomes is packing up their North Face thermals and lighting out for the land of chocolate and numbered bank accounts.

At first glance, the report appears to be nothing more than an embarrassment for the Swiss government. A senior law enforcement official, named only as Victor K, was given the Denver Boot from his job, where he had spent decades investigating the Swiss financial arrangements of the Russian mafia and Russian oligarchs was accused of bribery, violation of secrecy laws, and “unauthorized clandestine behavior.” Maybe the Swiss don’t pay their cops any better than we do. But the importance of the story, and the reason for impending gastritis for the Tiny 
Thumbs Diktator and his merry minions isn’t so much what Victor K did, but who he was doing it with.

Apparently poor Victor K was bedeviled by the siren song of our own favorite Russian ambulance chaser, Natalia Veselnitskaya. According to new reporting in The Daily Beast,;

The meeting was reportedly set up by Russian Deputy Attorney General Saak Albertovich Karapetyan—from the same rogue department that wasapparently responsible for offering intel on Hillary Clinton to be shared at the Trump Tower meeting and the Kremlin’s further plots to influence U.S. politics.

The reports, which are based on Swiss court papers, describe how K. was lured to Moscow during a call from Karapetyan before Christmas 2016. He was told not to go by his boss, ostensibly because he was working too much overtime, but he made the trip anyway, using his diplomatic passport to fly to the Russian capital. There, he was put up in a luxury hotel and asked to attend an unexpected meeting with Veselnitskaya.

This wasn’t just a one off, or accidental mistake on Victor K’s part. The report went on to say that he had already previously met with Karapetyan in both Zurich and Geneva, as well as in Russia “without the knowledge of his superiors.” Considering how seriously the Swiss value their independence and neutrality, I don’t see poor Victor getting off with straight probation. There is nothing in the reporting linking Rob “Hey, I knew Michael Jackson” Goldstone as any kind of intermediary.

I know that this will be a crushing blow to oir little Donnie Redux, to find that he wasn’t the only foreign male twinkle in Ms Veselnitskaya’s eye, but that’s the least of the Trump teams worries. This puts the final nail in the :We were only talking about Russian adoption” coffin, but more importantly it exposes the fundamental lie of the meeting itself. Both Baby Donnie and Veselnitskaya herself have proclaimed that she was nothing more than a Russian lawyer, working independently for the benefit of Americans being able to adopt Russian kids. But apparently the Swiss have uncovered evidence that proves that Veselnitskaya is in fact an active and willing agent of Russian intelligence, specializing in dealing with foreign assets.

Depending on how strong the evidence that the Swiss have uncovered is, this would give Robert Mueller rock solid evidence that there was a coordinated, state sanctioned effort by the Russian intelligence service to infiltrate and compromise the Trump campaign to rig our election. But were they successful? Do the words “If it’s what you say it is, I love it, especially later in the summer” ring a bell? It’s beginning to become evident that if you look up the words “useful idiot” in the Russian dictionary, the definition is a Trump family Christmas picture. Hopefully they’ll be able to update that to a group mug shot for the next edition. Don’t touch that dial.

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