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Yes, susan collins literally wrote the following tweet….

The USPS continues to be a lifeline amid COVID-19, especially for seniors, veterans, & those in rural areas who rely on mail delivery for essential goods. I sent a letter calling for the USPS to promptly address the delays in mail delivery.

Susan Collins literally sent a letter to the USPS complaining about the delays in mail delivery…  I swear to the FSM I wish it was illegal to be as stupid as her letter is.

Here are some quick twitted responses…

And my favorite…

Please take a moment and if you can spare a few bucks donate to collins opponent at the following link

Sarah Gideon for Maine

Thanks for reading all.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Maybe that’s why she is polling so low in Maine, she is still stuck in the nineteenth century, has she ever heard of email, I am sure that the people of Maine are hiding their faces in embarrassment due to her conduct

  2. Well, she better have one of her minions hand carry her sternly worded letter to the proper recipient. Not sure there’s a mail sorting machine left in her area.


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