Susan Collins represents the white women who’ll throw everyone under the bus for personal power

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Medill DC / Flickr

I am not surprised that Maine Sen. Susan Collins voted yes on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. That doesn’t make me any less furious.

It’s not just that Sen. Collins threw everyone who isn’t a straight, white, rich, cisgender man under the bus. Her delivery added insult to injury with the way she announced the betrayal. As if she were soaking up the attention, she really dragged the announcement out before giving the inevitable: she’s voting yes.

She also did some gaslighting by shouting out to the #MeToo movement to insinuate she believes in listening to survivors. She clearly took it way too literally, because it’s “listen and act accordingly,” not “listen and act like she never said anything.”

I guess she’s just flat-out lying to us, because that’s the Republican way. This is partisanship, plain and simple.

Oh, and playing the true victims. We all know that actually being raped isn’t that big a deal, but forcing an elected official to hear how it affected a citizen is the true injustice.

I hope Sen. Collins will one day realize that proximity to power won’t save white women.

This better not be her first big move to run for President in 2022 …

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2 Comments on "Susan Collins represents the white women who’ll throw everyone under the bus for personal power"

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Sorry excuse for a Senator. Big yellow stripe running down her back!

Supposedly, when Collins ran for her first term, she stated she believed in term limits of two terms for Senators. Said twelve years was enough for Senators to serve and then they should get new people in. Stated she would not run for a third term whether or not term limits were put in place. Well guess what? Her second term was up ten years ago. What does that tell you about her? Power corrupts (or at least gives you amnesia).

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

She won’t have it for long, I knew this cunt would cave, I’d just like to know for how much?