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Sen. Susan Collins had a big week. She had to work herself up to being extremely disappointed that an actual constituent wanted to talk to her about issues. She had to negotiate with her boss, Mitch McConnell on whether she could avoid signing on to his and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s stand by your man resolution for Trump (as of this writing, she’s off the hook). But she also had to raise some dough. Lots of it.

But for her, that part was easy, because McConnell and millionaire Trump donors stepped up. She started out the week with an evening with Mitch at a dinner for everyone who responded to his invitation to max out to her campaign last quarter, that’s $10,000 for PACs and $5,600 for individuals. It was a hush-hush dinner, though. No one, except the attendees, even knew where it was. So we don’t know how many people took Mitch and Susan up on that invitation.

She rounded out the week Thursday night at a private fundraiser held by millionaire Trump donor Stephen Schwarzman. He’s already maxed out to Collins and then dumped $500,000 into a Super PAC—1820 PAC—to support her and her alone. With this fundraiser, he’s bundling more money for her campaign, though she also had to share the takings on this one with fellow desperate Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.

According to the most recent FEC filings for the current election cycle, over 96% of Collins’ campaign contributions came from outside of Maine, and she has collected over $1.1 million from corporate PACs. The lesson from this week in Susan Collins? You can’t have a conversation with her at a town meeting or at an airport, but you can buy your way into a room with her.


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  1. Maine Sunday Telegram had a two page ad with names of folks who are against her. I expect there will be more with additional names. Plus there were other articles not in her favor. One person thought the ad was inappropriate. She is starting to fill the air time with ads. That alone will turn people off as they are so annoying (all political ads are but hers are the worse.). I cancelled cable. I have a weak disposition.


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