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What kind of “moderate” Republican would send a fundraising email like this?

Friend, I am proud of my decision to defend Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation to the Supreme Court. I believe it was essential that we upheld due process, the rule of law, and stood for what was right. 

Now that Justice Kavanaugh is confirmed, it has become clear that some ultra-liberal extremists will not be moving on any time soon. Their attempts to intimidate me and my Republican colleagues are becoming more common and more intense with each passing day.

The only way I can fight back and continue to be a voice of reason in Washington is with you by my side. I need your immediate support to continue serving the American people and standing up for our values in Washington.

Kavanaugh was right! Ultra-liberal extremists! Snowflake elected Republicans are being intimidated! Republican values!

Notice how she doesn’t even mention working for the people of Maine? That’s because she’s given up that pretense. She is now part of the national Trump machine, and she is more worried about a primary challenge from the right than a general election in reliably blue Maine. (She probably thinks she can play the “moderate” card when the general election rolls around.)

CrowdPAC raised $3.7 million for her future Democratic opponent. Daily Kos’ ActBlue page hitting Republicans who voted for Kavanaugh brought in nearly $320,000 (and rising). Lot and lots and lots more money will be raised to target Collins now that her veneer of moderation has worn off.

Collins has thrown in with the morally degenerate Trumpian wing of her party. We can all stop pretending otherwise.

Today, we GOTV for 2018. Afterward, we GOTV her out of the Senate.

(Seriously, GOTV now. Less than two weeks left!)

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  1. So sad and we thought she was representing us. What did Donnie promise her — secretary of state maybe. Is she not smart enough to know he will throw her under the bus? I am ashamed that she is our senator. At least she did make the right decision about Affordable Care. Maybe she was reprogrammed after that to change her ways and get in Line with donnie. Sad sad sad


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